IT It is Real Cars I Dont See Coming

Well done to Vision Australia for getting changes made to mobility vehicles (like Norm’s) so that we vision-impaired can hear them coming. Acually, Norm’s makes a whining-whoosing sound (not quite breaking the siund barrier) but anything louder will drive me nuts as he whizzes past.

Mý regular drivers have quickly learned not to ask “Anything coming to the left” as I say “no” when a bus could be coming in my blind spot. To the right I see (nearly) everything, to the left, you take your chances. But how I miss the freedom f driving anywhere, anytime. I refer to my pedestrianism as “Keeping Death Off the Roads”.

My nearest miss was when I had first lost my left-eye vision due to haemmorhage, and was legally crossing the road at the pedestrian lights of a T-Junction in the city, when a black Range Rover 4WD loomed up to my left shoulder and the shock made me step back in time to stop being skittled. My light was still on green, I had made sure of that.

He promptly pulled into the station car park, but not to apologise as I expected, but to order his coffee at the kiosk. So I followed, tapped him on the shoulder and angrily informed him he had just missed knocking me ver on the crossing and that I was blind. He looked totally nonplussed, as only an arrogant, expensively grey-suited Four wheel drive Range Rover could do, but I didn’t wait for an apology, and marched off, keeping my biased assumption as to his character. Obviously he ‘hadn’t been to Specsavers’.

Hmm, perhaps this is a bit close behind my Boudicca post. I really am an affable person. I just get proactive when threatened. Honestly,Officer.

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