Morning To ‘My Followers’!

Oops, that sounds a bit too religious, bbut bless you all from whateveer you believe in, neaning may good thinngs happen to you and yours- all 85+ of

Firstly, I am not going to correct my Parkinsons jitters this time as it makes everything take three tiimes as long. Hope that is ok as I just want to say a big thank you just for clicking the follow button. It hopefully means I did something engaging that time. I do go and look at your page too, and am goinng to make a special task of visiting your site in return. I have already made special friends this way. Question: Does the new layout work for you? Too late, I have cchanged it back. I do this on either an A5 tablet while lying down or on my phone so dont get the full layout until I go to my computer (which is now set up and working well by the way, even on the latest windows 10). The main problem is being able to sit up long enough, but my chair reclines so tthat gives mme options.) Knowing you are out there makes me be, or do, something positivee. Even when I whinge, and believe me that hellps, I then have to discard that problem or deal with it, and replace it with simething positive. Sooooo, and that was intentional, in the comments sectiion (here is your big chance) what would youu likee to hear about? Q2 Do you or yours have Parkinsons, fibromyalgia, arthritis, macular deteriation or Hashimotos disease? What is your favourite hobby? Where (no details for security) do you live? There is a comments section below. And remember the only rule: “If you caint say nuthin’ nice, don’t say nuthin’ at all” (Thumper from the Walt Disney movie Bambi). Love to you all. Euni

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