Needles and Scans

Going back to my ‘sports injury’ in my right hip, 4 weeks later I gave in and saw doc. A few prods and ‘does this hurt’ and bursitis is the diagnosis. Great, another one to the long list. I’m turning into mmy Dad. Im even getting the moustache! Mind you, he lived to 89 and it is only six years since he died.

Personally I am hoping, and I say this in good spirits, I am hoping the legislation in favour of voluntary euthanasia currently in th news will be passed. It would be very comforting to know I can ‘go to the vet’ and be put to sleep with dignity when I can no longer move and the current chronic pain is totally out of control. Much better than someone having the shock of stumbling over my body after a few days at home. Much less shocking for family and friends.

But that isfor the future.

My doc had my hip x-rayed. Arthritis of course. I have that everywhere, that was expected.Plus bursitis, hence the injection I just had a couple of hours ago. Magic!

Have battened down the hatches ready for the forecast major storm and the wind is sending some very strong bursts already. Snow forecast for some areas as the temperature plummets.

I am lying down under the quilt.

I finished adding headset and speakers to the new computer before I went out and can’t wait until I can sit up and do some more loading of my programs especially the Dragon Dictation so I can continue with my book. I just spent a few hours quite comfortably yesterday evening but didn’t get to sleep much during the night.

The other thing I had done today was scan of my lung to make sure that the nodule that showed up 7 months ago is nothing to worry about and I have a CD on the scan to bring home and put on the computer. The docs never want to look at it and I have no idea what it is I am seeing because it is like going all over the Mars terrain on the Mars Rover. I will get the result next week but I have had scarring noted there before which is probably from to bad bouts of pneumonia when I was young.

So here I am able to lie on that side already with fingers and toes crossed that I can continue trying to increase my mobility gently.

Starting to yawn now time for a short nap. A power nap not a nanna nap I must emphasize lol.

I had the scan without contrast after last time when the vein burst just after the contrast was inserted and if there was any query I will have to go back and have it done fully but this should be ok 4 now. As it is with all the radiation I will just about glow in the dark tonight. Thar is my shopping day gone for the week but I did treat my carer and I to some Chinese takeaway which we brought home before she had to rush off to her next appointment. I do insist that if they feel like it they help me eat my Chinese which is too much for me. I could not possibly sit there and eat by myself with another person in view. Rules or no rules.

Update: The cortisone injection into my very painful hip took effect almost immeditely. Magic! I can get up and sit down without excruciating pain, and lying down is not with that burning bursitis pain. Of course the other hip reacted to the changes but a session ith my physio untangled the knotted muscles and I had a good night’s sleep last night. Friday night my meds were all over the place, I was shaky and had a headache but I got on with adding the progrmmes to my new cmputer. I am not needing to lie down al the time, and find that if I get up around 7-8am and put on the washing, do my tidying and odd jobs before I shower ariund 10am, then I hit a walll but if I have a coffee and kie down while doing my blog, email and making appointments for an hour, I am ready to go out. Around 2am I need another rest then awalk roiund the village since I have dicovered this is a good time to have a short chat in passing with the neighbours.

Poto by Terry HUDSON

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