Got This Far

The computer arrived yesterday but after making a pasta sauce, kneading the dough for a pizza base, going for an afternoon walk and delivering the form I made for relaxation class to the hall, then making (a very successful) pizza which I invited my neighbour in to share, my arms were too weak to even open the box.

Early bed but recently since the new hip and neck problems it really hurts to lie in bed. 2am woke up not as sore so got up and unpacked all the bits.

It looks very old-fashioned for a whizzbang all-you-can eat piece of expensive modern machinery, and the rough edges are surprising.

Diagram keeping me in the dak

It has a plethora of various sized slots plus a diagram designed by a reject from Ikea.

Worse still, the plug to the monitor does not seem to fit the tower although it piggy-backs the provided plug, but with no screen to show what is happening…

Have sent text to Al, my young computer guy,and ne best friend, with plaintive cry for help.

In the meantime I am finally off to the doc to get this hip x-rayed. After 4 weeks it is keeping me awake and needs a cortisone injection. This is a new ailment, and one too many. I am also overdue the follow-up scan of the nodule in my lung.

I suspect the increased fibromyalgia is being flared by the hip, and by being a lot more mobile. Must make that new batch of apricot liquer wine (recipe on blog somewhere or msg me for recipe). Havent had any for weeks. No wonder everthing hurts!

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