An Easy and Fun (Free) App for Photos and Videos

I have reached the stage where I am up to my ears (new headphones) in technology but I have found a (previously recommended somewhere) little free app at Google Play Store by that starts by showing you how to edit bits of videos or add photos, then it is fairly easy to follow the icons to add sound you choose from your files to compile.

My first effort took literally minutes. I needed to send some music I had recorded during our lake cruise to the musician. I did that next, including video. Very basic but job done. I have since deleted that version. Good practice though.

You could happily spend hours putting together family photos with some transitions, titles, music.

The free Movavi Video Editor trial let me put together video with photos and animation and I was able to add a pice of music. Once saved it seems I cant go back but for a free basic user-friendly programme I am very pleased. With the programme if not my trial instant video that I have included below.

Upgrade in Australia by Paypal is approx $39.95 US dollars plus optional insurance (approx $9.95) Videos can be edited and uploaded straight to YouTube though the uploading can take a while but looks after itself.

As a way of keeping distant family and friends in touch visually it is very handy. Just dont try to get too clever at first. I tried to move too much around and got confused but it was easy to start over.

As soon as my new computer is delivered and set up (oh dear it has Windows 10), I am going to invest in the upgraded Movavi Video Editor to combine my old photos and video clips. Even with limited vision, by running my new HP computer through the big tv screen I can link together my many older photos into more interesting viewing.

click on pic to go to Movavi for more info
My very basic first attempt. Photos only. Click on pic to go to Youtube

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