Euni and Morag do Abba (or The Two Ronnies!)

My Scottish friend, Morag, and I come from the same part of Ayrshire in Scotland, where we both have delatives. Not sure if we are related, but she looks like my lively wee sister! Morag is mad keen on karioke (as we spell it here), has all the equipment at home, and before I moved out to the lake I used to join her at various karioke sessions. Now Morag is a natural, great voice, all the moves even in her sixties, and more importantly, she spends hours practicing.

I, on the other hand, do not. I can sing my head off down at the table, having a lovely time, but put me onstage and I freeze. My first stage appearance was aged three, but that is another story), but on every occasion since I have had to be coerced into going onstage,

Made reckless by half a shandy, I clambered up with Morag and tried to focus on the screen with the lyrics. I think I am moving genteely while Morag gives it her all! I just look frozen, but as I say during the ‘lead break’, “I am dancing on the inside”! I just couldn’t let loose lol.

Morag reposts this on FB from time to time to torment me, and I just came across it in my Youtube collection. Having just watched the UK programme done by a comedian featuring people’s really bad karioke pub performances, I dont think we sound too bad, although a bit tragic singing ‘Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight’…(falls off chair laughing).

Im dancing on the inside!

I do think we look just like The Two Ronnies in drag (from ‘The Two Ronnies’ BBC TV show. I call us the Two Ronnettes’, not to be confused with the great female US group of the sixties.

After viewing this I promptly went into retirement, but unlike Sinatra, I wont be making a comeback. Come to think of it, no one has asked me.

Anyway, click on the pic or hit the link and enjoy a musical interlude. La la la.

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