Really Helpful and Positive PD Video have found these the least daunting and most helpful sources of information regarding Parkinsons and living with it. Families and caregivers may recognise some concerns they may have, and be able to accept that is why we are behaving this way. Perhaps then the family doctor or specialist can be consulted.Some PD vids scare the hell out of me. I can only hope for breakthroughs before I get to those stages. These videos by Joanne Hamilton, PhD, ABPP-CN of Advanced Neurobehavioral Health of Southern California in Poway, CA, however are really good and available on Youtube. They have make a big difference to my outlook.

2 thoughts on “Really Helpful and Positive PD Video

  1. Excellent; that will be a very informative read… You are an amazing, strong, brave person, & inspirational to many, including me.

    Others would have crumpled in a heap & given up, but not you!

    Yer a legend lady!



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