Making a Stand on Germs

My friend Jen was so angry she told me all about her experience so I wrote it out, checked it back with her then forwarded to Damon Cronshaw, my contact at the Newcastle Herald who can always be trusted to correctly and entertainingly put together a story. Besides his Topics column his bigger fact-based features are written in such a way that he keeps you reading where others might turn you off. A rare and talented journalist indeed!

Search Google for Damon Cronshaw links.

One thought on “Making a Stand on Germs

  1. Indeed, in these days of more and more dangerous flu viruses, which have claimed lives of people all over the world in the last several years, regardless of the much better standards of living most of us enjoy now, compared to 100 years or even 50 years ago, they are a must these days. People with colds flu viruses should be made to wear masks by law. The Asian countries got it right years ago. Get yourself flu vaccinated if you haven’t done it already, people! Remember, it’s not just the winter you’re protecting yourself for – it’s the whole year, and more importantly, it’s your loved ones you’re protecting from the most dangerous strains!


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