A sports Injury

When I tell you that I could not make it to the fridge just now you will know things are really serious.

It all started as I was setting off for the car with my helper and my hip joint had got very

stiff. I’ve been quite sore all week and wondering if the lucentis injection which can have side effects has interfered with my meds. Anyway, I got in the car and got out at Charlestown Square. I was a little bit more stiff but I had my rollater with me so was leaning on that. I went to my appointment had difficulty getting up after but just thought it was fibromyalgia or arthritis.

Then I had my ears cleaned while I was there with their little vacuum cleaner and we set off into the shopping centre for a coffee. My helper asked if I didn’t want to sit down and I said no I really needed to walk around a bit to sort everything out but when I came to sit down after it really hurt.

Once more I got into and out of the car except that by that time I couldn’t get out of the car. Eventually I worked ways to do it and struggled aong the pathway home, switched on the heat and back vibration pads and lay on that during the meeting I had with my coordinator who arrived half an hour later. I couldn’t get up to let her in the door which I had left unlatched. Then, soon after she left I fell asleep for a while but it’s only just 4pm but as I say when I got up to go to the fridge for something to eat, having only had the most divine salted caramel milkshake ever for lunch (yes I know, it’s part of my diet) I could hardly get there. I reached out and got my two walking poles to prevent falls anď heaved myself to the kitchen and the fridge then for a while I stretched across the breakfast bar trying to stretch it all out. That seemed to heĺp. I dont know how you poor things waiting for hip replacements cope.I have taken two osteo-eze painkillers so here I am in bed with the tens machine on, plus rnica on the painful part. I want to put an ice pack on the area but unfortunately the ice packs is in the freezer and the freezer is underneath the fridge and I can’t reach the fridge at this moment. So you are wondering how I got the sports injury and to be honest so was I so I had to go right back over my activities before I went out.
Conclusion: Stupid thing and of course there were no sports involved. I did it standing on one leg like a flamingo in the bathroom while twisting round trying to shave the backs of my leg ready for going to the skin specialist. Paying the price for having put on the extra kilos in the last couple of months. Not a usual practice, obviously, and just an irrational notion, since the specialist is looking for skin cancers not hair follicles and couldnt care less. I just got it in my head that it had to be done but as Karen pointed out there are creams for the purpose. Next summer when I get out my tight short shorts I will remember that. No I dont own tight short shorts. Lets not even go there! ….

I had intended doing some more of my novel since I found the missing part of where Emma meets Don at the fairground where each thought the other familiar and it was because they had both been in the same station waiting room at Leeds on the day Èmma came out of prison and was catching the train. No, they had really known each other but something must have got through to the subconsciius there.

I am going to try my first dictation of a chapter on the dragon dictating machine once I can concentrate again.

8 thoughts on “A sports Injury

  1. Just a suggestion, if you really must have smooth legs, how about instead of shaving you just slop on some Nair, leave it a few mins, then shower or wash it off. I imagine it would be easier than giving yourself a reach around with the shaver.


  2. Any chance you got a selfie of that one leg flamingo pose, Eunice? You athletes have to be careful! Have you thought of getting a service dog? They can be very handy fetching those things you can’t get to. I don’t know about cooking, but probably if you program your phone with your favorite take-out numbers they could speed-dial for milkshakes and such. You be careful! ❤


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