Keep Fit is Killing Me

Tracy Lofberg my lovely caring therapist

I’m lying here my left ankle is aching with a pain going through it that only starts when I lie down and try to get comfy and my right knee is hurting from trying to get up off the floor and all I’ve been doing is a relaxation session in Belmont.

The relaxation was really nice once we got into it and could block us out the noise of the traffic thundering past directly outside on the Pacific Highway. We were doing Earth breathing and getting tuned out nicely, when a whole lot of noise ruptured through the wall from the empty shop next door where the builders had come in to do some demolition. Then we were just ìnto doing some nice breathing when there was an almighty bañg in the wall which had we been àt a seance would have had a soul freaking out that a rellie was coming for a visitation.

It is many years since I’ve donè a relaxation
class and last time it was a lot easier to get down on the floor. I was so much like a beached whale because nobody could help since I am over weight and bruìsed my right knee with no cartiledgè ànd pulled my neck and shoulder hauling myself up tryinģ to hañg on to my rollator which Tracy thoughtfully moved cĺoser añď hèld tight for me? It was a terribly ungainly expèrience. Serves rìght for putting the weight on it again despite foregoing McDonalds caramel sundaes for 3 weeks now.

Fortunately Tracey says she can come to the house to do relaxation while I I lie on the bed or settee ànd will give me some yoga moves to loosen me up so I think we’ll go that way. Also I won’t have to get up again to go home so that will be a real bonus. I must put a note in the letterbox to see if any of our other residents wish to join in. I do relaxation sometimes from YouTube and that has been good but ìts not the samè. It just seems to be much easier at my age and stage to work on listening things rather than putting the damagèd joiñts under pressure and making them ďo what they no longer want to do. Use It or Lose it but I have already lost it.

Mentally it was a major breakthrough today just getting there and I walked down the hill to meet Tracy who came to collect me. So I have tried the Parkinson’s dance class for 8 weeks which was lovely but the movements upset my damaged spine and caused major nflammation. The Parkies Art class has just completed and I surprprised myself that wìth now limited vision I achieved something recogniseable, but it is nothing like the portraits I used to do where each small area is a comprised of tones and brushstrokes. My sòul really grieves deep down despite being pragmatic. I was so lucky to have been able to do it for so long. I took up the challenge and did the course and learnt some new things but will stop now.

Now 3.17am and it has been a rouģh few hours that I wasnt àble to document èvèn by dictatioñ but 2 Celèbrex anti iñflammatory with a magnesium, arnica gel on my ankle then four hours gooď sleep in tòtaĺ, and life goes on.

Is it only me or does àñy of it resonate with you? I fight being lazy, but my body refuses to play, that pain is all in my head (till someone touches me, that èvery physicaĺ achieveñt is followed by hours of agony. That just typing a short blog takes over an hour where before I would have knocked off a whole report or magazine article. Back to sleep. It is shopping day with my helpèr in sèvèn hours. I think we might pick up coffee añd a caramel sundae and go sit by the lake instead. Maybe a walk as well to òffset aboout three caloriès. Yes, I see where I am going wrong.

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