The Things You Do…

….when you are wide awake following a few hours good sleep:

3am and had fallen asleep in my chair immediately after switcing of the computer following several pain-free hours of updating my new Philips voice recorder and Dragon software, registering online, downloading manuals, trying to find unloaded zip files, getting sidetracked into offloading personal files from My Documents to memory stick; reformatting spare memory stick (usb drive),moving spare folders of sometime-may be-needed-but-never-to-be-found-again-information to memory stick (remind me it is in the floral-covered useful box with the spare charger wires and the boxes with product codes for Office and other installations). In the process discovered a stack of photo imports wrongly filed (not by me) into the Videos folder. Cleaned up or moved photos into the correct photo sub-folders (still with me?), discovered several vids from old phones will no longer work.

Find delightful early vid clip of two of tiny grandchilren now aged 18 and 15. Consider grouping clips together into Windows Movie Maker. Restrain myself and finish culling videos folder. Ruthlessly empty recycle bin cleaning hard drive of immense amount of wasted space and duplicated data. Note to self to defrag the hard drrive the old way or remember how I got it to reorder the current way recently.

Coming ‘out of the zone’ feeling satisfied with speeded up, pared down, more familiar now, less detested, almost unused for aforementioned reasons 4-year old Acer rare 19-inch laptop, and discover hours have passed, my meds are an hour and a half overdue, I forgot to have dinner, nothing is hurting and I am totally relaxed. Also discovered my lack of movement has left me totally chilled through and I hadn’t felt it till now. Sat back in recliner with aircon now warming room and promptly feel asleep. Woke up and went to bed.

3am woke up craving last caramel Tim Tam in pack. Notice competition on pack as I am about to bin it is due to expire so get phone and type in web site wrongly as Oops anyone want sexy outfits as displayed by nubile young women? Didn’t think so (come back here right now!) Tiny print on torn packet impossible to read but matrix next to it. promptly download app from Mystore, open up and hold over matrix. Voila! Link to correct family-friendly web site shows hourly draw and enter details to win $10,000. Will hear by email. Would settle for new pack of Tim Tams. Decide to document successful sequence of events. Now 5.20am and ready to sleep. Hadnt used my brain so logically in ages, though it reads like chaos.

Oh, and what about connecting the dragon software with the Philips recorder? Well the pieces are all in place. The dragon is lurking in its new lair but not feeling user friendly. The correct manual is installed with a shortcut icon the desktop ready to go, but right now I will let it sleep, and do likewise. Seems the increased Madopar is kicking in, plus lossible neuron repair and detox from sarsparilla tablets as mentioned on web?

Eyes closing…

Published by Eunice C English

FormerFreelance journalist. Poet, writer, artist, photographer. Retired and coping with Parkinson's Plus, macular degeneration and other boring stuff but life is still interesting, if a bit of a challenge!

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