Oops Meds Mixup

Had a great day out thanks to my nearly-daughter Angela, my former flatmate from 24 years ago who has become one of the family and visits me regularly, bless her. She arrived atunchtime so we headed for the cafe in what I said was Poppys Garden Centre but should have said Cherry Road Nursery where as a member I could collect a free succulent. Poppy, cherry, easy to confuse. No?

Havent been to Cherry Road since I lived nearby for six months four years ago when I first returned to Australia to be near my adult children and my grandchildren.

So there I was arguing with the satnav that kept trying to take us in the wrong (!) direction, but we ended up at Poppy’s anyway, which turned out a good thing for the cafe was doing lunch and it was delicious.

Actually, the two garden centres are only a few miles apart, but in different suburbs. When I later rang eldest long-suffering but unfazeable son, he informed me that they took me there last year on Mothers Day for lunch! He forgets that due to being blind in one eye now and only partially sighted in the other eye, once they move the plants and floor stock around it is a totally unfamiliar place.

In hindsight I think it was packed and we sat in a side annex of the cafe, and yesterday I did recognise a stack of outdoor rugs that I remarked to Ang my daughter in law had bought one similar when we were out once. But I’m not losing it… isnt that what we all say?

We had to cut our outing short when Annette, my home hairdresser, rang to see if she could bring our appointment forward and we all landed on the doorstep together.

Ang put her feet up to recover from her 87km initial journey plus our local tootling around.

Incidentally, the garden centre proved to be only ten minutes from home on the other side of the highway, which will come in handy for future outings.

Unfortunately I am not coping with the increased dosage of Madopar, which over the past days since the neurologist upped the dose has seen my mobility go backwards, plus Im dropping everything, the jerking in my left arm come back, plus a niggling pain across my left front shoulder and face-flushing which is new. Im forgetting words, losing the concept of dates and times, and having real difficulty tapping this out on my phone while lying in bed. I began at 2am when I awoke with a bit of a fright and it is now 4.07am. The reason for my sudden awakening is here in the email I posted Ang at 2am just before I began this. I can sleep in for the first time this week. Angela does her own lactose-free thing for breakfast. The service is rubbish but accommodation free in this b&b!

email to Ang 2am:

Oops, may have taken my madopar overnite tablet twice. there was one by my bed which I usually put there to have at ten but had slept through last night. I took that but after thought I took one from kitchen cupboard. Id had a lot of protein which blocks absorption anyway and am ok at 2.15 am. Will leave my bedroom door open and press emergency buzzer if needed but just putting this on record since doc increased my regular x4 per day dosage by extra half a tablet since tues and it has made mobility and tremors land focusworse. ok so far. hugs E x

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