Poppys Garden Centre

Visiting a garden centre has always been one of my favourite pastimes, especially in the UK, and it is something that has been catching on in my part of Australia for a few years now. In the Lake Macquarie area we have some very nice garden centres with cafes. The cafe is an important part of the ritual and today Ang and I discovered Poppy’s Garden Centre at Gateshead – only 15 mins away – and the best bacon and egg roll in the world. Maybe you have to be British to really appreciate a good bacon and egg roll but this one was Deluxe with runny perfect egg and on apotato bun, barbecue sauce and really good bacon not too thickly cut.

I also had a very nice hazelnut latte in a blue and white mug that I would have liked to have for home, and I dare say it’s on sale among all the homewares somewhere in the shop. Time was short today on this Voyage of Discovery but I found a bird bath that I really don’t need but I think I have to have once I find someone strong enough to put it in the boot of the car and carry it home. Not everyone buys a bird bath because it matches the dangly thing outside front door ! They also had some cushions that I really don’t need but will go very well in my lounge room. Unfortunately there was not enough time to really view the plants but there is a fascinating display of succulents in particular, and wonderful urns which will not fit in my place, and just as well at that price!

Succulent plants are be coming the designer plants in this area, I was told, particularly with the young who are very aware that global warming is certainly heating up in this area both in summer and winter and water is becoming scarce oh, and expensive. I like to collect my rainfall but then it can go a long time between showers.

We had to rush away for my hairdresser to call in and trim my hair so it’s tidy for next week’s lake cruise.

My possible future purchase (the patterned base is a bit too much though)

cushions for a sun room? Once I looked at the ohoto at home I could see the pattern was too busy for my place. Nice colours though.

4 thoughts on “Poppys Garden Centre

  1. Hi Eunice, The cafe looks really nice but I’m not so sure of the waitress, πŸ‘πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ™ƒπŸ™ƒ

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