Uncanny Elvis Tribute Artist

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Do You Like Elvis? Phil Nicholson’s voice is uncannily like the late Elvis Presley.

Known as Arron Phillips, Phil Nicholson and his wife Pauline have a lot of fun going around mostly the UK singing Elvis songs, using backing music but definitely his own voice for all the lyrics.

Pauline makes his very effective and professional-looking Elvis costumes, of which he has several.

Some of my best evenings out have been at the Olive Grove Courtyard Arron Phillips at Olive Grove and local clubs enjoying Arron’s performances. Like Elvis he has a quick wit and enjoys a bit if banter with the audience, in the same manner.

Of course I have seen many Elvis impersonators around but Arron (not Aaron) is a tribute artist, not an impersonator, he stresses, and while I have listened to Elvis many times throughout my whole life and like most of us am totally familiar with Elvis’s voice, however the timbre of Phil’s voice as Arron singing Elvis is just so much like Elvis Presley that I can’t tell which is the Elvis CD and which is the Arron cd without looking at the label.Phil Nicholson as Arron Phillips singing Love Letters

I think it swould be awesome if be were to include an original song of his own into his set, after all the songs only stopped because Elvis had left the building, so to speak.Arron Phillips sings Gospel

In outback Australia we have the hugely popular Parkes Elvis Festival, where in the full heat an sun of an Aussie summer everyone, even the kids, dresses as Elvis, and Elvises from all over the world come to meet and perform. It makes the national news as the whole country town gets into the spirit. Maybe the 21 hour flight may be as daunting for Phil/Arron as it was for the real Elvis Presley, but they are missing one of the best voices of all of them, plus a real character and nice person who in his own way puts the joy back into being Elvis, before the burgers.

https://www.parkeselvisfestival.com.au/2020-program/ click here to see the 2020 Parkes Elvis prigram

And 9 years ago the Singing Santas doing ‘Blue Christmas’Singing Santas Blue Christmas at Dobbies Garden Centre near Worksop, UK to a recording by Elvis (or is it Elves)? This one for you, Phil!

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