Just Found Portrait of My Ancestor. On TV! A Family Likeness?

being editedProgramme leading to distant relatives

Andrew, a descendent of Jock Howieson

What a surprise to be watching a TV programme and find that not only are we related to the people involved, but they actually have a portrait of our mutual ancestor – a Medi eval selfie!

It is a portrait hang ing in Craufordland, a Stately home near Kilmarnock in Ayrshire, Scotland. Kilmarnock is where some of our relatives of our proven Ancestor, Jock Howieson still live. We visited these rellies when I was young.

The Crauford f(amily, who live nearby have their ancestor as Jock Houison, which would be on the documents, who they also confirmed saved King James V of Scotland. The photograph is my son Andrew, a direct descendant of Jock.

From histiry books we say this happened by a bridge at Cramond in Edinburgh. Once, as we drove through Cramond in the 1950’s my Grandad English said “All this land once belonged to us” and that my late Grandmother Jessie Sutherland English (nee’ Howieson) still had relatives farming on the land gifted to Jock Howieson in the 15th? century,(I believe after marriage the land went into another estate but dont have the dates to hand).

The Crauford/Houison family in the stately home in Ayrshire on the west coast of Scotland have the same ritual of providing hospitality to any visiting Royal Family members. The Craufords offer handwshing facilities (bowl and jug of water etc), and have on display the original silver dish and jug that was used each time to welcome King James V, then any subssquent visiting royalty. Providing hospitality any time the King came by was a stipulatiin of being granted the land near Edinburgh. In our family the ritul is to offer wine and shortbread. I could offer my apricot liquer wine and Tim Tams at short notice!

It came as such a shock to come across this reference during the orogramme Country House Rescue on Youtube, where my ‘new’ young distant rellies are trying to save the crumbling stately home of the Crauford family (the ones like me directly descended from Jock Howieson). Ive told my Cousin Maureen, who used to work at Stirling Castle and held her very posh wedding at Airth Castle. She is just who they need!

Funny thing is Jock looks just like Andrew when his hair was that long. Especially the cheeky eyes. It gave me quute a jolt! My cousin John English had all the proof of our connection to Jock Howison ( made famous in his story by hugely popular Scottish author, Sir Walter Scott), gathered by by a reverend family member who he said spent all of his stipend gathering the documents. The programme was at website:

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