Village Life – The Bell Tolls for… EveryOne!

ur little complex of 60 units is nestled in tiers up and around te inward curve of a rock hillside. It has the acoustics of an amphitheatre. Our latest incident, and we dont have many, fortunately, was when my doorbell rang at 7.15pm. Very unusual. I opened the inner door on to the security creen door. Nobody there. I didnt take my usual ages to answer either.Back to the dishes. ‘dingdongdingdong’. Im right there. Nobody, but I know better than to go out and look. It was starting to unnerve me.’Naughty childden playing gyames”, I thought, ” I will fix them!”, and promptly took the batteries out of the doorbell, switched ooff the lights, and went to bed with my audio book. Next morning I replaced th same batteries, which was silly in hindsight.Again the bell rang, this time at 2am when all was dark and silent. That could only be an axe murderer. I reached for the emergency button but no further sound.Two days later at 9.15 in the moring the doorbell rang as I was at the sink near the window. I could see there was no one there. I remembered my neighbour had a similar problem over a matter of weeks, and it stopped when our maintenance man, the lovely Trevor, installed a new one. So I took mine dowwn and threw it away Let them knock – loudly.I happened to mention it at the monthly Birthday Bunfight in the hall. Seems it was a common problem, then someone had the answer.I had purchased mine from Bunnings, just round the corner. Maintenance bought theirs from there too, same model, same circuit!Seems they talk to each other, and a doorbell pressed in one part of the village can also go off in other units consequentially.But at 2am in the morning? (dramatic mysterious music plays).

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