Lost video

It’s a really weird thing that happened. After copying the link to the Bluebell video I discovered a forgotten clip on the snowdrops at Hodsock Priory in England from early spring of a previous year! and when I watched it I thought I would share it too. It is a compilation of pretty photos with special effects and very relaxing. I managed to get a screen clip of this robin as the video played but just after I copied the link my tablet crashed and restarted itself as it’s just started to do lately.

When I went back through YouTube to re copy the link which had not worked I could not find the original anywhere on YouTubeand when I did a search there were heaps of Priory snowdrop videos but not one of them was mine. How very oďd. Was this one of these hallucinations that they warned me about ? Had I been watching someone else’s and thought it was mine?. It was several years ago that I have made it and it had been listed in my channel as of my movies so why has it just disappeared?There is nothing in it that could be worthy of YouTube suddenly removing it.

Yet I still have a robin pic that was supposedly taken from my YouTube video as it plays but was it really someone else’s? The original will be among the thousands of photos on my computer tathat I have been asorting into folders and will probabĺy never be able to find again. Well I will keep looking and let you know.

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