From my facebook page

I am the fairy on the left, and in the blurry photo on the right, touching my head with my toes. Cant even reach my toes the easy way now. I started dancing classes aged 3, and performed in a couple of local pantomimes, and in our dance academy shows, but I always hated being up in front of people. I stopped dancing when I was twelve and we moved from Scotland uto England.

My elder grandaughter danced from an early age, and took it seriously, as a form of sport. At age fourteen she suddenly lost interest, and took to her studies.

My youngest is in the black tutu, and top right. She has cystic fibrosis, and dances for Australia, being the one on top of the cheerleading pyramid who gets thrown in the air and caught on the way down. Her dancing is very gymnastic, good for her breathing, and they train like Olympic athletes, several times a week. It has become her lifestle with the whole family involved and loving it.

It is really nice to have this love her dancing in common with my girls.

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