Overcoming jittery typing problems

My new gadget details here should come on Friday to help me with dictation to text. I was about to buy the program from Dragon as recommended by Vision Australia for $220 but my son suggested a dictating machine they have on special that is a Philips hand-held recorder but comes with a disc to put in the laptop that has the software from the dragon Dictation programs and the whole thing is a whole lot cheaper on special the just the dragon program at the moment. So I am happy to give it a try because you can fine tune it to recognise your own voice and hopefully not come up with a whole lot of rubbish that it thinks you have said. I did see one review that said it does not have a lot of memory but I will find out. It does mean that when I can’t sit up at the laptop I can dictate as I am doing now lying down and then plug it into my computer to type out chapters of my book.

This is a very exciting concept because this current dictating through Samsung is such a slow and frustrating process requiring much correction so watch this space as they say.

Philips DVT2710 Voice Tracer Recorder

Model: DVT2710

SKU: 321406 Product ID: 845359

  • 2Mic stereo recording for outstanding audio

One thought on “Overcoming jittery typing problems

  1. Do keep us posted on how it works for you, Eunice! I would love something like that, albeit I’m not the most tech savvy! 😅


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