I had forgotten about Having Hashimoto’s!

Thank you my recent followers and Friends whose blogs I have just been reading thanks to WordPress sending me a list of logs on the subject and yours were among them. Ive got confused going from one to another on my phone so apologies for not naming names but thank you so much for triggering a light bulb moment and reminding me, through liking my page which led me to yours, that among everything else I have had Hashimotos disease diagnosed for over 30 hears, and how much that does impact on my wellbeing. Apart from taking a big dose of thyroxin, 150mg per day, I have never been back to see an endochronologist. But reading your thoughts just now I see myself mirrored more than once and despite our frustrations with ourselves it is empowering to know we are not alone. Now we are together. We understand. Yes! We understand. Now we can collectively move forward. Gluten free struggles, broken feet, weight gain, not hypochondriacs, people not getting it.

Common demominater? We are determined. We are putting it out there in the ether. We are finding each other.

We will survive!

But now I am an hour late taking my tablets. You know what that means but hey I just got up without everything hurting. Onward and upward.

And by the way I love each of you for inadvertantly helping me today. I am going to spend more time reading your blogs and less on my audio book fiction. Big Hugs

Autumn in the village no spring in my step!

4 thoughts on “I had forgotten about Having Hashimoto’s!

  1. Aww, Eunice. I’m
    SO glad I found your blog. Yes, we are all in this together. I, too, am grateful for those who have stopped by my blog. Not many comments, but still, I know there are many out there with their own struggles. I do enjoy yours! 🌹

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