Queen’s Birthday

Dictated , and uncorrected. Fingees too jumpy to jtype lately. Have tried akering keyboaed but this is what happens. _Losing control lot finger directionoo. Taķes longer to correct than to type:


Can’t change dropping everything I touch can’t hardly walk the main just telling my body to do it I am just so slow. Will be making an appointment with the doctor tomorrow for another Spain injection because the pain it’sÀ going to my abdomen no and it makes you want to to scream. I just fall asleep from the city this afternoon well waiting for my online shopping to come after 4 p.m. it was so nice to not have any pain when I woke up. I got up and sending to return my magnifying lamp to Bunnings but it meant catching two taxis comma one there and one back. My neighbour Ross is going through one of her bad phases and is becoming anti social again. I’ve been pushing myself for the last four days should be more mobile and do things but it is just agony which I can never just do something simple


Well I fell into a nice deep sleep after dictation the above I have something to eat as a quick look at the news on the Google page nothing but rubbish and had a spoonful of my apricot liqueur brandy which I keep for when I’m really needing it and went back to sleep immediately. It is now 3:33 a.m. and I have been to the bathroom as we do in the night I’m starting to be awake but I’m going to try to go right back to sleep because once I start working on the internet my brain gets too stimulated and time flies so yesterday morning it was 6 a.m. when I got to sleep then woke up at 8 a.m. to take my tablets. The result may I was really tired all day and I’m having real problems with the mobility of my spine and trapped nerves. Fibromyalgia has not been too bad just the fan radiating from my spine through into my abdomen me that even leaning all over the sink to wash up cause is increasing pain that makes me want to scream if I don’t stop. I have been using the vibrating heat pads for the back which I have on the sofa now and that’s makes such a big difference until I get up and start moving about again. Neurologist Dead Sea that’s he as someone who might be able to do something but I don’t want to have surgery. Just having a little into my spine next to the nerve is risky enough but it does provide a little relief for a few months so I will see about having another one since the doctor mentioned it 2 weeks on my last visit. I have just had another 3 tablespoons of my Brandy liqueur to see if I could go back to sleep but don’t want to start relying on that and becoming an alcoholic. I made a seafood marinara late evening yesterday which has ginger sweet paprika as in cream sauce together with just too much turmeric. All anti inflammatory but I can still only eat a little at a time because my throat closes up and I start to gag. I will now correct this but it hasn’t dictated too badly possibly because my voice is a bit clearer. I have the option to go to the voice clinic at Rankin Park which is connected to the Pàrkinsons Clinic. I have said I will go back in a few months. I am also going to have to stop doing my writing on the tablet while lying on my back because it is actually not good puts too much tension on neck, shoulder then lower back muscles and starts to hurt. Sorry to keep going on about pain. 3.54am. Taken 21 minutes to write this last segment with corrections. The home made apricot white wine sugar cinnamon honey and brandy liquer that I made 2 weeks ago is bringing me out in a mild sweat! It has been steeping in the fridge and I have been eating the now plumped up dried apricots a few at a time as dessert. Delicious. Unfortunately there was just 350ml left of a bottle of sparkling white wine plus half a cup of brandy. Darn stuff evaporates. The recipe says a full cup of brandy at cooking time but that overwhelms the flavour. Heating it all together must lose some of the alcohol content but it is potent enough for medicinal purposes in very small doses. A full small glass would definitely buckle my knees!

My friends in England, John and Hazel (named and shamed) add the remaing half a cup of brandy to their mix before bottling and are very happy with the result. Verry happy.

Tell you what though, it has freed up my typing. I just noticed my fingers are whizzing about the onscreen keyboard now. 4.22am. Where did that time go? Feeling cheerful. Another trip to the bathroom attached to my bedroom, and back to sleep.9

8.17am Morning world!

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FormerFreelance journalist. Poet, writer, artist, photographer. Retired and coping with Parkinson's Plus, macular degeneration and other boring stuff but life is still interesting, if a bit of a challenge!

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