Poncho Fleece Rester

You know how you can get chilled when you go for a rest and your body starts to relax? But if you lie down in a cardigan or something with sleeves you can get tangled and constrained. Well you can get a piece of fleece from Big W or any supermarket for about $5. It is called a throw and fleece is the best thing going for keeping warm with light weight. I had a spare one that I had used as a cover on a chair and all I did was folded in half and then half again. Then I cut the the top corner of the folds that would be the centre of the poncho and ‘voila!

Normally I would sew the sides up part way leaving enough for armholes but for lying down I leave it free so I can move about unrestricted and with a fairly generous neck opening in the soft fabric it doesn’t choke. It is handy to slip over as a draught excluder when watching tv and washes and dres in no time. My legs and arms are free to move too. Love It!

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