Sometimes I amaze myself

Not very often these days I know but there are times when I surprise myself with what I can actually do when I set my mind to it and my mind says yes it will play along. Yesterday was an awful day and I felt really ill. Looking back I wondering what I do that makes a mess of my medication but there was only sarsaparilla tablet which is supposed to be good for the skin. Anyway I am going to start with a confession. After working waking at 6 a.m. as seems to be my new habit I kept going and as it is absolutely pouring down I started to try to get my office corner into some kind of organisation that feels right and move the flame effect fire to a better position. The confession is that 3 hours later after doing too much bending over trying to put some plugs in to the laptop I have had a glass of my new miracle painkiller – the apricot liqueur – home-made and it is going straight to my head and I mean straight to my head so I have come back to lie down and catch up on a bit of sleep till all the knotted up parts decide to unwind.But why I am so pleased with myself it’s that I decided to finally get around to connecting my Canon printer to WiFi and so I can move it onto the bookcase out of the way wheee it will hopefully print out without having to be plugged in to the laptop.I was also looking for a new cartridges online but it is cheaper for my son to get them through jbhifi and they are the proper ones. I plan to print out some of my written work before it gets lost on memory stick and disc so really I only need the black ink but you know what Canon printers are like they want you to buy all or nothing it seems. Anyway I installed the CD into the laptop and the instrructions came up on the screen then I struggled to see all the little messages on the printer to follow more instructions and after a few goes the printer found the modem. Yay way to go! This is where I have come to a Grinding Halt. I had to switch the torch on to the phone to shine onto the printer to read the very faint print on the tiny tiny screen on the printer. All well and good and the correct lights flashing and it’s found the modem as I said. Unfortunately the modem wants my Telstra password which I have got on a magnet on the fridge but it is about 9 letters and numbers long and I have to go using up and down arrows on the printer and the Ok button to type each blinking letter in. Well I got to the point where it had only numbers left in the password but I could not see where to put numbers in with the up and down and side to side arrows and the Ok button. You get my drift? By then all the bending has aggravated my pain levels out of control and I have had to give up right at the last hurdle. For the moment.On the upside I got everything moved around plugs connected and reconnected and my mind was focused more or less so that is why I am amazed at myself since yesterday I could hardly think or move. I just went to bed very early and didn’t even do much online lying down and had some good sleep which is the secret to everything as you all know.I wonder if my tiny glass of the apricot honey cinnamon brandy wine was the secret? Well it’s not a secret now. I posted the recipe a while back but I have made the mistake of exporting my files on this site thinking I was doing a copy for backup so everything may disappear in a few more days, as they notified me. I was about to upgrade the site but there seems to have been some problems with a login so I may just start again so don’t panic if you lose me because I will be starting up with WordPress again. So I think an hour with my audiobook is a good idea since I haven’t been listening much lately having run out of books on there I want to read and I can’t be bothered going looking on Amazon at this stage.This is the latest Rose from the courtyard. I will let you know when the printer is up and running under its own Steam without the USB cable. (It may not be today!

Published by Eunice C English

FormerFreelance journalist. Poet, writer, artist, photographer. Retired and coping with Parkinson's Plus, macular degeneration and other boring stuff but life is still interesting, if a bit of a challenge!

One thought on “Sometimes I amaze myself

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