Printer Progress Progress. Progress?

The offending object

UPDATE: Still pouring heavily so haven’t put my head outside. On contacting my son about replacement printer cartridges he advised it was cheaper to buy a complete new printer! I looked them up online and he wasn’t joking. The world of printerland is huge business, obviously. “What do you use it for most?” he surprised me by asking. Weeeel, ahem, printing? Then I thought again.

Seems printers now can be quite specific. You can even carry a little colour Polaroid printer to print out your photos immediately. Now how did Polaroid think of that? (wink wink) Good on them for reinventing.

On retrospect I photocopy more than I print on my machine and I mainly print out forms for filling in and posting though most departments are now allowing photos of completed forms to be uploaded. Save that for another day. Back to the plot…

“OK what about this one” I texted him the link. It is $20 cheaper than a packet of replacement cartridges for my existing Canon printer!

Incidentally my online search for cartridges has every model but mine. I also got an email from my former UK cartridge company saying Amazon is now blocking generic cartridges. Bit too complicated. See what I mean about the world of printers? Cutthroat?

My son did come up with a ray of light. All new printers now work on wifi. No more usb cables.

I don’t have to complete my password to log in my current printer as mentioned this morning when I decided to switch mine to wifi using the installation disk. Got as the Telstra password for my modem and crumbled.

But I will.

So after having owned several printers, two of which sent and received faxes, and photocopied and even printed I opted for a new one on special.

“I will take that one” I texted and sat back. Job done.

Back came the text saying Just let me check how much replacement cartridges are for them all….

And that is where we came in.

Note,: It used to be that the cartridges supplied with new printers were only partly filled so that very quickly you had to replace them which is where they made their profit. Cunning devils. Has it that changed?

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