The HUGE Fountain!

Dear Diary: Following the very gratifying response to Damon’s fun Chandelier story (of the chandelier installed in my courtyard with solarlights instead of electric lighting), which Damon Cronshaw wrote about in the Herald*, I woke up this morning after a good night’s sleep and in the process of hanging out the washing in the sunshine in the early morning (an all time record before 9 am) I decided the courtyard needed a HUGE fountain to go with the chandelier! Well I already had a waterfall and it was not huge but it wasn’t working. All I had to do was install two AA batteries to get it going. So I did and then I added just spring water from the bottle I used to water Gordon, my diva indoor plant. Surprisingly the little waterfall still worked after months of sitting outside in my bird bath merely as a decoration holding clear and coloured Marbles to resemble water.

So that’s just a bit of fun because in the salt air here near the ocean everything will rust up pretty quickly and so here I have it on film for posterity to share with you.

At the moment you will have to turn your tablet sideways to see it properly so the water doesnt spill out ha ha.

About the reason I take so many photographs of everything especially my plants and things in the garden it’s because of my vision. I can’t see things up close because of the blindness until they’re in a photograph that I can hold right next to my eyes.

But good news on the macular degeneration front.

My regular visit to the eye specialist for Eylea injections into my right eye has shown that they are having a very positive effect in the back of my eye so that the distortion is not as bad. I have alreadý adjusted to never seeing a straight line. Even power poles and church spires are wiggly.Now I just have to book into the optometrist for some updated lenses 2 hopefully clarify seeing text because as you know I can not see the first two numbers or letters to the left of any word or Price Tag. Now that can be extremely dangerous but that’s another story.

Not only have I been out in the garden at this unearthly hour but have tidied up a few plants and given some others a touch of liquid fertilizer for being good.

Now I am resting till the pain subsides from the trapped nerves in my spine and I will be ready for going to Bunnings with my Thursday helper to purchase three bags of potting mix which we will delicately transport home using the old Walker as a wheelbarrow. It works really well for carrying from the car park to the unit.

Even as I am dictating this I can see how silly it all sounds but the past few days have been very difficult mobility wise so it is good to do something silly instead. Last night I realised I had missed the overnight madopar two nights running because I had been fast asleep by 10 p.m. but of course awake at 1 or 2 a.m. and my left arm had resumed wekness, shaking and jerking like the old days so that was a lesson.

Forr over a week now writing even with the stylus has been very slow and frustrating because my fingers ‘stutter’ and either hit the ñext key o the same key several times. Texting without a stylus has been hopeless too. I write a foreign language. Last night I just sent the text message anyway. My kind friends are getting pretty good at deciphering.

I am getting the Dragon dictating programme as soon as my taxi driver, Bob, sends me the phone number of his mate who reliably fixes computers for less than the $800 quoted previousĺy. I am sorely tempted to just do a system restore once I make sure my files are sent to the cloud and on my memory sticks.

OK, rest time over.

*the chandelier story

Published by Eunice C English

FormerFreelance journalist. Poet, writer, artist, photographer. Retired and coping with Parkinson's Plus, macular degeneration and other boring stuff but life is still interesting, if a bit of a challenge!

2 thoughts on “FLUSHED WITH SUCCESS!

  1. Hello Karen, keep an eye iñ The Reject Shop? They get different ones in from time to time and do an emaiĺ catalogue? They sell out very quickly in my area? One warning though, you may go into the Reject Shop for one small item but you will come out with a trolley full of stuff you didn’t realise you needed! Like my Jamie Oliver whisk. One’s kitchen can have too many chefs but never enough whisks.😂


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