Proof I am a Right Nutter

Ive gone too far this time. I am mortified, ,gabsolutely cringing. I write daft things to Damon Cronshaw at the Herald, often ‘off the record’ to make him laugh, and at his request. I love his witty responses. Just for fun I sent him the chandelier photo, and he asked me some questions that led me on to a train of thought. That part was ok, but….well read it for yourself click here.

I am quite shy underneath but my outer persona is becoming too much like Dame Edna. Well I only have myself to blame.

Better go and get myself ready for my public. “I’m a celebrity. Get me out of here”.

Oh dear.

Later: Had so much fun out of this this . Too tired today to tell aĺl about it but I’ll tell you tomorrow


2 thoughts on “Proof I am a Right Nutter

    1. Thanks Karen, I was being a bit of a diva before the tablets kicked in, and I had mentioned about not caring what people think (as long as they are not upset) so I decided to listen to myself. It ended up being a funny day which I will write about later.


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