Health Issues

The fact that I do so many posts some days indicates that I’m not up and doing as I should be but it keeps my mind active since one little post can take me up to 2 hours to put together.

Last Friday I wrote that it was a really good week symptoms-wise ( so my memory has been shocking) then on Saturday just by sitting on the sofa with a cushion under my knee I woke up during the night and my leg would not support me since I had upset my arthritic knee and iit had swollen.

My right knee has so little cushiining between the joints you can actually hear the bones clicking about against each other and woe betide if they get out of position. I do find glucosamine helps. So I had a broken night’s sleep and spent all day Sunday lying down but with no pain. Oh wait a minute today is Sunday but it feels like Monday so I spent all Saturday lying down recovering from the week that was so busy and the swollen knee .

I have had to use my Walker inside the house because it was not safe to risk my knee giving way and having a fall after not being able to put any weight on it during the night.

I did go for a short walk Sat morning to try and get it moving again before going back to bed.

I woke at 6 a.m. this morning and did a few things online before getting up and tidying up the place. I had to really push myself.I Today it was a Parkinson’s day with a burst of fibro while yesterday wa arthritis.

Today my son was coming 11 a.m. That motivated me though my muscles were very stiff.

He didn’t arrive till noon but brought McDonald’s with him for lunch as a surprise. Surprisingly I didn’t really enjoy the fillet of fish and between you and I have really gone off MacDonald’s food even my regular stuff and only eat part of it. Enough calories in that.My caramel sundae salways seems to help though and nobody will convince me otherwise. Symptomwise, my voice was not strong and didn’t sound like me and I had talked to two Neighbours before Richard arrived so it was not from lack of use and it was really hard to move muscles and just get everything going plus it hurts to move.

I had taken down the hanging decorations around my beloved Chandelier which you already know about because one of the glass branches has collapsed

and I don’t know what we’re going to do about that. It was obvious it would never last out there in the weather but it has made me very happy just looking at the nice sparkling lights but I have those photos. It was a shock finding it like that.

All my pain levels were really severe today to the point where I couldn’t even lay down and rest till eventually I put my heat pad on the sofa. That helped loosen everything up and I fell asleep even though I wasn’t comfortable. I was rudely woken up by the neighbours nattering nearby. It took me ages to get mobile again I then all I did was to ,’slip into something comfortable,’ as they say and come to bed.

The big difference is that yesterday I could hardly think straight from lack of sleep and whatever but today my mind felt wide awake and clear which is why I’m probably doing this post for the diary, but now I have to get my mind around doing my online shopping order for delivery tomorrow after my paint class.

I have had a notification from Australia Post that my new hiking poles are being delivered tomorrow when I have to be here to sign for them or go and collect them from the post office. The hiking poles were something we tried at the Parkinson’s class at the hospital and being tall I found them very comfortable to use. I don’t do well with a walking stick at all.

They may also save me having to fold up the rollator and have someone put it in the car everytime I go somewhere if I’m not going to do a lot of walking.

Hopefully they will arrive before I set off for my Parkinson’s painting class which I missed last week through having the veins in my neck checked by ultrasound.

I will make the appointment with my doctor for a Wednesday when all my lots of results should come through.

I have had a tablespoon of brandy in milk with my two paracetamol earlier before I fell asleep and my screaming nerves pain has eased and is just back to being the normal sort of old age.

Having said that I got on my pedals earlier to strengthen up my knee again and have been for a walk around and up and down a few of the pathways ways before having the rest on the sofa so I’m not giving up.

I’m disappointed that the pain in what I think is the sacroiliac came back in an overwhelming way when I was sitting at my outdoor table simply sorting out my clothes pegs to replace with the new special ones with easy grip.

The others were on their way to place on top of the recycling bin in case any of the neighbours wanted them but Norman spotted them first. Come to think of it I have never noticed any the washing out on Normans washing line but if they make him happy so be it. His dementia is making him restless and he’s almost a stalker roaming round looking for people to talk to and whizzing past on his .obility scooter which is becoming quite annoying actually. He has begun to keep saying he is lonely but he is spending all this time talking to people so what else can you do.

He asked me today if I got lonely and I said no I love living alone. I didn’t add ‘as long as I have good security and people nearby. I pointed out that I can please myself what I do what I eat what I say where I go I generally do what I like within reason and as long as I can organise transport lol. He said he hadn’t thought of it like that. Well at least it might stop in thinking I might stop him being lonely. I have had to really lay the law down with him to stop him touching me and anyone else that happens to be near him at the time.That is just something about his dementia but he has not been as flirting with Ros though he keeps going to her door to talk to her which is not doing her nerves any good.

Naughty Norman is 93 by the way! Such is retirement village life. When I first moved in one of the residents said we are all like a family here. Well most families are dysfunctional aren’t they lol ? Ok so that’s my update on the Parkinson’s Plus I have got through another day still smiling. Been sitting out in my courtyard looking at my plants which makes me happy so I’ll put some photos here to make you happy too. ‘Bye the noo’ (Scottish for ‘Bye for now’)

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FormerFreelance journalist. Poet, writer, artist, photographer. Retired and coping with Parkinson's Plus, macular degeneration and other boring stuff but life is still interesting, if a bit of a challenge!

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