A Great Gate Idea

By Carmel Diretto on Australian Cottage Gardens, Facebook.

This iconic gate and its mates was once seen at garden entrances to early Australian homes in their thousands. They did a good job, but the hinges were not as indestructable, and thanks to many young children swinging on them nearly every one you see now leans wearily at an angle, pushed permanently open, hinges rusted shut. Forgotten till grass grows through in an unsightly thatch.

But not this gate! Thanks to Carmel Doretto and a coat of bright paint it makes a very attractive feature on what was a boring wall.

With bright plants and pots it really zings, and can be very easily updated.

3 thoughts on “A Great Gate Idea

    1. Great idea Ang. If you go and join the Australian Cottage Gardens this lady has an arbour over a seat to die for. There are so many lovely ideas and photos on there and the people are reaĺly nice.


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