Flying Not So High But Thrilled

Photo courtesy Airborne Flight Training

Going up tandem in a motorised hanglider, or microlight (we used to call the ultralights) is one of the best experiences of my life, and I highly recommend going up for a bird’s eye view of the world while the wind rushes past. Coming down to land is such an adrenalin rush.

My flights were with friends over Singleton during late afternoon, then over the wheat stubble of Parkes in what felt like a kitchen chair with a seatbelt suspended from a triangular sail!

Ultralights then were under development, and I remember Airborne as manufacturers and developers of the best. Im assuming this company that also does flight training is a continuation from the 1980’s? I will correct if wrong.

My friend, Denis Cummings, was very involved with regular hangliding, being at that time a world record holder in the Guiness Book of records. He was also great mates with the Duncans who were totally ìnvolved in producing and flying those latest motorised craft. I often saw them flying over Newcastle towards late afternoon. Bit like ET in tandem against the sky!

It was a very cool and exciting world to be part of at that time. There was always serious risk involved. Nature can be fickle to fliers.

My two flights have never been forgotten, and I loved every minute.

Today’s microlights comply with stringent safety conditions.

The Newcastle Herald carried a feature today, (link in blue below), and having just looked at the amazing photos taken over Lake Maquarie I am sorely tempted to book a flight from Belmont, now renamed Lake Macquarie Airport.

But first I must lose a few stone!

Click here: Go on a flight through Youtube. Just how it feels!

Read about fun flights available from Belmont (Lake Macquarie Airport)

Not me, but this is modern version was how I flew! Photo courtesy Airborne site

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