Good Finish to the Week

Ďont do as I do, do as I say

After feeling so ill last week and including weekend I am starting to feel the benefit of the change of diet. Mainly not adding sugar BUT having said that I have had a few squares of chocolate each day but not until my body said and not just gratifying my need for comfort. I have remebered to take vitamin D because I do get low, and my hair and nails start to tell me. In addition I have taken fish oil and some vitamins for hair skin and nails because my skin that used to be remarked upon is feeling rough. The change of season hits our bodies too.

I simply cannot swallow full meals, but I can eat a bit of everything. Too much of one thing and my throat closes and my stomach threatens to repel any further attempt. That is definitely a Parkinsons thing. I still cook some days, for my neighbour will eat anything I make which makes the effort worthwhile. I cook in the evening after I have been lying down. Less meat than before but eggs and cheese. Cholesterol you cry, yet my cholesterol levels are fine. I add raw oatmeal to my breakfast smoothie to offset the chloresterol, and I add ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg as anti inflammatory agents to soothe my digestion. I also flavour my smoothie with fruit-flavoured Metamucil which bulks it up due to the psyllium. The smoothie needs to be followed by plenty of water because of all the fibre. Lately I have added unsweetened stewed apple to the blender, and today I was naughty and added 2 teaspoons of honey for the antibacterial quality and sweetness, but no apple. I dont do this smoothie ecery day as I think my innards cant take a daily scouring. Today I am not bloated, but I learned a lesson at lunchtime.

MacDonalds is next to my doctor, pathology and radiology, and only a block from my neurologist, so I always gravitate there after appointments. I often meet up with Janet there. She stays on to read the free newpaper and I catch my taxi home. I have spent over $60 on subsidised taxis this week, in addition to my caarer transport that comes out of my care package, but my four lots of medical tests are done to work out the source of my fadeouts.

As you can tell, my concentration is terrible. I keep floundering for simple words while in conversation and most importantly at the moment I cant hold a simple number or time in my head. Dont say write it down for I cant read it (in a row of five numbers, the two on the left are in my blind spot i.e $15,000 = 5,000, no $1 which makes shopping a bit tricky. Same process with words: e.g shopping is seen as opping. Opping is seen as ping. With my left eye there is just a big black ink blot over everything with just a hint of light in the four corners. So as I said, don’t ask me to read what I have written! I can see this up close and backlit with large print a bit better No wonder my poor brain gets tired. I suddenly feel better about fumbling for words. There are a lot of very busy cogs in there.

I had two lots of physiotherapy this afternoon, there is a lot to cover, but now Ive got ‘cringing’ legs, and I hate that. Restless legs meets mild spasms. Overdue for afternoon Madopar. Oops, that time got away.

Anyway my new and my other lovely physio, both called Nicole, came separately and worked on all the sore and tight spots- lots, and we worked on exercises I can do while horizontal to tighten the abdominal muscles thus taking some weight off my back.

My Maccas half-eaten lunchtime meal resulted in me going from feeling good to feeling off wwithin 45 minutes. I omitted to add the caramel sundae and flat white coffee- no sugar. Forgot to ask for diet coke before my coffee so totally caffeined up. What was I thinking?

Actually I was just so relieved to have all those sticky pads from the Haltor monitor removed a few minutes before and to be unplugged from all those wires. And the washing was done and on the line and the place was clean and tidy, between my helper and myself, plus my emails done and a story away.

The seats at Maccas had triggered off the trapped nerve in my spine and the pain started to overwhelm. I rang my taxi, bade Janet farewell and came straight to bed, where I ‘went out like a light’ into a deep and dreamless sleep for an hour and a half, waking just in time to bring in the washing, water the courtyard plants and freshen up before my first physio arrived.

Ive had a small handfull of walnuts and the last of the chunk of brie bought from the Italian deli on wednesday after the dentist. I hope to face a small bowl of coleslaw later. I have lost that same kilo – again. My pain is now minimal. So all taken into consideration a very good and productive day. No, a very good and productive week. Yay!

Published by Eunice C English

FormerFreelance journalist. Poet, writer, artist, photographer. Retired and coping with Parkinson's Plus, macular degeneration and other boring stuff but life is still interesting, if a bit of a challenge!

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