In Agony! Myself to Blame – older post found in Drafts

Woke up feeling great and keen to plant up my latest self-watering pots. Noticed my left arm was slow to react to messages like picking up potting mix but managed very well. The burning pain increasing in my abdomen made it hard to focus but I pottered on for three hours in all, including a sit-down.

he postman brought the new canvas cushion covers for the outdoor area but they need to fade. They are coral solid colour plus lime green. Still debating whether to put them on. They sure liven the place up.

I have still to clean up but may ask my weekly helper to pick up the dead leaves and mess tomorrow. It is supposed to rain, which is badly needed.

Not that you can see what has been done but my cuttings have saved a small fortune. Problem is, they take so long to fill out but now spring is on the way and things are starting to sprout, including wèeds that I can now see with my new spectacles! The neighbours have been making kind remarks so I will plod in. My change of meds has made a huge difference. Wacky doo!

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