Decorations will have to go

It s 31 degrees outside and the air conditioner is going inside but I don’t feel like doing much at all. My helper has just been and then the new rotating scrubber wand has arrived from eBay which we have assembled and put it on charge. So I have got a new toy to play with that will reach the highest parts of the kitchen etc. Sadly my helper did not get to play with it doing the bathroom tiles since there was no power on it available yet.

Don’t know what to have for lunch. Actually lettuce appeals after Christmas cake for breakfast – again! But that was 3 a.m. I have got into a bad habit I’m falling asleep too early and waking up at 2 a.m. so I check on the Google News, email and some YouTube which takes my minds off things. Then maybe I put my current audiobook on 30 minute timer which seems to send me to sleep. But I’m a bit tired. Mind you the washing is out on the line in the sunshine and the house is clean and tidy.

Angela is coming to visit for New Years Eve so that will liven things up a tad. Just got enough liqueur left to get me through New Year since I’m sending a 250 ml bottle up to my bestest friend, Lorraine, in Singleton by speciaĺ courier (Angela). So there I have committed myself to parting with it in print haha. A Angela has made her own supply. Wise move. I do think I have found a secret cure for some of Parkinson’s ailments in this recipe.

My new replacement remote control forr the TV finally arrived. How did we ever manage without them? I have got used to switching the sat on at the screen but changing channels was impossible. I think I had dropped the old remote one time too often and loosened the connection buttons and it was at the stage where I could no longer watch any channel with a number 4 in it!

They’ve been very pretty but they’re starting to annoy me !Loathe to part with the tree though. The lights are so lovely. It can stay minus the decorations.

All has gone quiet outside for the moment. The tree loppers have stopped for lunch . I think it may be safe to go up to the mailbox without being smitten be a faling branch. I two owls that live in the tree next to my bedroom are not to traumatised by the chainsaw waking them from their sleep by a chainsaw lopping off their branches. I assume they had the sense, tgey are wise after all, to take off or somewhere quieter but I do hope they come back