Catching Up With Karen

I am so lucky to have fabulous friends. People who are interesting, fun and non-judgemental.

Strangely I dont have a group of friends who hang out together. Each has her, or his other life and we inter-connect like Olympic rings.

Yesterday Angela, who you have met before, came down from Singleton, having volunteered to collect Karen from a hotel on the beach in Newcastle where we used to catch up over the previous two years. Yesterday Karen caught up with Troy, who is one of our few interlinking rings. At other times I have run into Troy, who connects with Matt and Justine, but it is years since Karen, Troy, Matt, Justine and myself have all been together, now we no longer have dear Paul, who was Paul of Paul and Karen.

Karen and Angela met before through me, and they have a link now through a mutuaĺ interest in a writing genre that has no interest to me, so I am happy to be back to horizontal after a lovely day with both, as they move into another zone while Angela drives Karen back to the Novotel on the beach and Karen will treat Angela to dinner at the nice Italian restaurant next door in return.

This is a great outcome for me since everything hurts so much that small bursts of social activity are all I can enjoy, but my old friends who are new friends can continue comfortably without my presence, while I am happily home recovering guilt-free knowing I have let neither down. All being well Angela is going to meet up with Karen tomorrow to attempt the Strzlecki walk that juts out over the ocean near Mereweather Beach. I have no desire to go, having gone part of way with Richard last year but I want the girls to try it, because the views are awesome from there. I will enjoy it vicariously on Facebook later. Meanwhile I will attempt to sort trough my poetry on the laptop to find something for the village newsletter. I dont have to feel guilty at not being up to going which in my present condition would be pure hell.

On the topic of the interkocking rings; Angela’s circle now links onto my circle at several ponts, and all through her helpful nature. She now links with my two best oldest friends, Lorraine and Gwen, then through me and Lorraine to Ainslie and Matt. Lorraine and Gwen only connect tentatively through me, hàving their own sets of circles. My link with others in those olympic style interlocking rings is tentative, touching here and there, and so it goes.

Its not as active as a constantly flickering electrical network, nor does it have a beginning and an end like a piece of chain. I can’t be more specific.

And now I have to contact Janet, another dear friend who is in yet another circle that I have little contact with because what is the way it is and her circle fleetingly touches with my friends yet we go way back.

I keep trying to catch the title of a song from I think the 70s talking about ‘a wheel within a wheel’* that is playing around in the back of my mind. Anyway trying to explain that has taken away my feeling that every bone in my body is broken after quite a busy day with Nice friends. I am pleased with myself having followed through with my notion to make lunch of Chinese nibblies and rice with pork dumplings plus a couple of plum and sweet chilli sauces. We invited Ros to share since we were eating outside.

Karen and Ang then had a rest and watched Ladies in Black on dvd while I lay down to unknot everything. Nothing works on this chronic pain but stretchìng out when needed makes all the difference.

I particularly wanted to show Karen the lake and sunset is coming on early now, so we headed off to the Belmont 16 footers club only ten minutes away which is right on the water for a coffee and cake and boy was that worth the trip! We all had lovely cake. Mine was a lemon meringue tart with cream and the coffee was good. Even better, Karen and got to take some beautiful photos of the sunset and the water with the yachts bobbing calmly about.
At this time I’m waiting for her to forward some to me so that I can put them on here for you. It’s been a really good day.

*Windmills of My Mind

Published by Eunice C English

FormerFreelance journalist. Poet, writer, artist, photographer. Retired and coping with Parkinson's Plus, macular degeneration and other boring stuff but life is still interesting, if a bit of a challenge!

One thought on “Catching Up With Karen

  1. Indeed, Karen and I have had a great weekend going out & about, hanging out, as the saying goes. We’ve had quite the meeting of literary minds… 😁


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