Letter to The Editor (humour)

A local designer/manufacturer has had one of her bikinis featured in ‘Sports Illustrated’, says our local paper:

I was very pleased to see that Nicole Lucas is planning on expanding her recycled bikini range into what she deliciously calls her curve range, rather than extra-.large. Then I saw it only stretches to a size 18, (said your 72-year old correspondent sadly). I have an hourglass figure but unfotunately there is now too much sand in it! Bikinis are no longer an option. My eldest son told me, in his well-meaning way, ‘Dont lie on the beach Mum, they will keep trying to roll you back into the surf! Ha ha. I threatened to have him adopted.
Seriously though, it is great to have a talented designer ĺike Nicole Lucas choose to bring her swimwear design and manufacturing to Newcastle, where the beaches are among the best in the world and our local girls look better than any models.

O riginal story on Nicole Lucas

Earlier story

Best wishes.
Eunice English

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