Revived Again

From 8th May

Update: Doc thinks I have had a mini stroke each yime. Yhat makes 4 yhen….

7 p.m. and I am in bed, waiting for everything to stretch out settle down and stop hurting because I have given it at all a good workout today.

Yesterday I was feeling very tired and dizzy and then when I sat outside to rest in my comfy chair I had that sensation when I got so relaxed I was nearly passing out then couldn’t get up and move it all for a while. So I went to bed and promptly fell asleep.

After an hour I got up again and carried on and made soup with some lamb and vegetables. It was a real effort just to stand and chop and keep an eye on it all and I also made pikelets because I was expecting visitors wjo couldnt come so I had them for lunch. It was after that and I had to go and lie down. I also had a very aggravated colon and irritable bowel. That sapped all my ebergy. By mid-afternoon everything was seizing up and walking was difficult. My vision has also deteriorated since that last injection. Im missing seeing the first 2 letters of words and numbers again and the print looks grey that I know is black.

So after three days on extra vegetables and a lot less sugar I awoke with at least some energy but a lot of internal pain. I woke with this this morning but I have started getting up early and getting my housework done before going for a shower and getting dressed. Sometimes I have to lie down for a while after that because with all the bending and twisting to get dressed and my twisted spine that is crumbling it triggers the inflammation. No I’m not complaining I’m just telling you Dear Diary I how it is for the record. Maybe someone with Parkinson’s is reading it and not feeling so bad knowing someone else has these weird things going on.

Today it is the arthritis that is causing all the problems but while I had some strength I was determined to work through the chronic pain barrier while I was feeling sore but not ill.

I still haven’t got the Dyson fixed but trying to fix it ìs too much lifting and twisting and I can’t see the parts anyway so I’ll wait till my son comes over.

What I did do that is different is sandpaper the top of the bedside tables which had a distressed chalk finish. There’s what they call shabby chic but which was just looking coffee stained and neglected and was really annoying me. So while my muscles were a little loose I got out sandpaper and gave the tops a rub down I got out a tube of blue vinyl paint that I thought id given away and one of those sponge brushes and dabbed all over the top, rubbing it into the chalk paint to create what I hope is a marble finish. Remembering that I don’t have vision in the centre of either eye so it was a case of hit or miss. It is a bit of a lurid blue but I might songe-dab some grey on later. Much later.

The only painkillers I have are paracetamol and I had taken 2 so 2 hours later I took another two just to see if it could make a difference since the osteo paracetamol are really only a double dose. It did seem to help a little although I am never free from pain, even if adding inflammatory like Celecoxib (bad for stomach) and I just have to live with it.

Then I decided I would make parsley dumplings to go in with my soup so got some parsley from the garden mixed my flour and butter, the tiniest bit of salt drained the soup and added the dumpling mix to the fluid and cooked them then I added them n. I took a dish of the vegetable soup with dumplings outside and really enjoyed it but by then I wanted to scream because it all hurts so much and I do have a high tolerance to pain they tell me when they do tests,but since my muscles had knotted from my spine across my left hip area (and that really burns), plus every move in my spine hurt… I think you get the picture! I am lucky I am still stand at all with this trapped nerve. But I was feeling much better in spirit. Exercise brings endorphins so it makes you feel better. so I had to lay down by 1.30pm and went to sleep again. Of course that was when the phone had to ring as I was just coming around but when I rang back later it was my former landlady Esther, 92 who I think just wanted me to move back, she said she misses me, but no chance of that. She misses me because I used to bring her bananas when I was shopping and take her meals like I do with Ros. But she was very picky.

The other noticeable thing was that my mind seemed to be clearer today, having slept better, and although I did get distracted I did manage to also make some peanut butter cookies because I thought I was having visitors again today but in the meantime got a text saying they couldn’t come today so half the cookie dough has gone into the freezer and three of the hot cooked cookies have gone into me. the dishes have gone into the sink but I don’t think I’ll get up later and do them. I had done the other lot as I was cooking.

Of course I’m going to have a massive hit of sugar again so that will probably set me back. It’s Parkies painting class tomorrow and the podiatrist is coming before that to tickle my tootsie’s so it’s just definitely rest for the rest of the evening once I get comfortable (8pm) lying down which is why I’m waffling away. It may not be coming across but I am feeling quite focused this evening. I will have a little while with YouTube for a distraction and hopefully an early night after my 8 p.m Madopar and my 10 p.m. long action Madopar which seems to give me nightmares .

Oh and I forgot to say I have done quite a bit of stretching in the garden tidying up some plants and other little jobs; polished & waxed the outdoor cedar table and a little bit more wax to the cane chairs all of which requires circling and stretching movements which is really good.

My latest online book is not grabbing my attention so I should look for something more exciting for this evening like a light comedy. So a much better day and a good end to the week or a good start to the next one depending how you look at it.

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