The Height of Crazy!

Once you stop caring what other people really think life becomes a lot more fun!

For instance I can now swing from the chandelier – literally !

I mentioned before my love of glass and the more my sight deteriorates the more I like sparkly.

If you look carefully at the photos of Matt and Ainslie Hallcroft’s outdoor wedding (Will post on a separate page) you will see in their wedding marquee three chandeliers that they bought second-hand for the occasion. Afterwards they offered them on sale on Facebook marketplace and a friend brought them to my attention. Sold! Always wanted exactly this old-style type.

Problem. Sort of. Nowhere to put it. It was wired to suit an extension cable to a power point so what about my outdoor room?

I asked Matt, who is an engineer, if he could wire it to a little solar panel. Then I suggested I would just festoon it with fairy lights.

But Matt went much better. When they arrived for morning tea the chandelier had solar lights plugged into all the holders in place of light globes, safely secured with electrical tape.

He then fastened it to the patio with heavy duty cable ties!

I can’t wait for tonight when it gets dark and the lights come on. It won’t bother the neighbours and should fade out after a while.

It is such a joy to look at. I wonder if you can see it from space?

Much more shiny and sparkly in real life

My Outdoor Room


My neighbour Jenny from across the way just called in.

“I didn’t know the Queen had moved in!” she laughed.

“No, just Mrs Bouquet (Bucket)!”, I retorted. Happy days.

It is only coincidence that I am booked in for a brain scan next week).

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