When Good Intentions Don’t = Energy

Woke up full of Good Intentions but very down in inside after not going to sleep till after 3 a.m. but sleeping in. It was midday by the time I got ready and just getting into my jeans took ages to get the legs the right way around and just getting my legs in. I had intended to go for a walk around the village get some exercise and do some socializing but by the time I had climbed the 20 steps to the mailboxes then along to the bins with the garden waste I was feeling really tired. I microwaved some fresh salmon then diced vegetables to have with sachet Hollondaise sauce which I ate outside. By then Then everything had flared up and all I wanted to do was lying down and listen to Rita Coolidge the country singer on my audio book telling of her life. I must have been asleep for a while but have not been able to even put the washing into the dryer because everything hurts so much in my muscles and I have no energy. Is that Parkinson’s or fibromyalgia ? So back to bed for the night as I must get to the dentist in Warners Bay tomorrow for a filling and I am taking a taxi for that so that’s 60 plus dollars gone even before the dentist bill. I will get some refunded from my medical fund. Then it is only another couple of weeks so I have to fork out $500 for another eye injection. It is time some fun started to happen. 5.20pm. Sometimes it will suddenly pass and I can get on but for now I am under the quilt keeping warm.

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