Fibromyalgia or PD?

A Good Fibro Overview click the link.

This is why my neurologist had difficulty with a complete PD diagnosis, and called mine Parkinsons Plus (although I have seen that attributed to other symptoms).

I have had fibromyalgia for over 20 years. Best described by having been hit by a bus or having toothache all over, restless legs, muscle spasms. Oversensitivity to light and sound, other odder things.

It has morphed easily into Parkies, and the Parkinson’s medication certainly helps with the muscle tremors, muscle spasms and restless legs (but I still need daily magnesium for the full effect).

Today I had a lot going on, but half an hour resting before the trip to my Parkies Art Class took the trapped nerve pain away. The concentration and need to focus on drawing our set challenges took me completely out of myself and though I couldn’t see all of the mushroom in focus at one time I worked around it so am ‘chuffed’ (English slang for pleased).

My new driver is German Australian and we had a great conversation about mutual countries we had visited, shows we had seen, and where.

She told me she liked to get McDonald’s chicken wraps as a children’s Happy Meal! This sounded like a healthier option so with minutes to spare on my time allocation we hit the Belmont Maccas Drive-thru for two Happy Meals, a free Seniors latte coffee and NO caramel sundae!! (Major breakthrough on the sugar front, yes?

I had my Happy Meal in my outdoor room, but the Happy Meal is mis-named. The chicken wraps are disgusting! Do not feed them to small people. Chewy soggy wrap, same crumbed chicken as a burger, therefore no advantage there. Slimy fattening dressing and the merest sliver of healthy lettuce. Inflicting that on children is as bad as giving them that fresh fruit in children’s packs from Coles that have sour mandarins or rock-hard pears that no adult would touch. Rant over.

I came home enlivened enough to pot up my fern and frangipani cuttings, tidy some plants and walk back and forth to the bins. Is this something to do with my Slimfast,yoghurt,oats and orange Metamucil smoothie for late breakfast (really nice, trust me)plus a homemade peanut butter cookie before setting off? It definitely soothed my irritable bowel (back to the fibro) and here I am feeling pain free and quite chirpy, albeit horizontal. A Good day. Yay!

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