What a Waste of an Hour

When you decide to use the çhat service rather than going through the offshore operator service to get your tablet fixed (not). The following is a record of your online chat.

General Info

Chat start time

Sat, ***** 06:03:34 GMT

Chat end time

Sat, ***** 07:02:51 GMT

Duration (actual chatting time)



Chat Transcript

Info: You’re now chatting with Codi – Telstra’s Virtual Assistant.

Info: Please ask a question below.

Codi – Virtual Assistant: Hi, I’m Codi – Telstra’s Virtual Assistant.

Codi – Virtual Assistant: In a short sentence, let me know how I can help you today.

Eunice: Fault on tabletA5

Codi – Virtual Assistant: Sorry, I didn’t get that.So I can help, try asking your question a different way.

Eunice: Operater

Codi – Virtual Assistant: Okay, I’ll get you through to someone who can help.

Codi – Virtual Assistant: So I can transfer you, please provide your name.

Eunice: Eunice

Codi – Virtual Assistant: We’re a little busy at the moment but we’ll be with you as quickly as we can. Thanks for waiting.

Codi – Virtual Assistant:

Info: Please wait while your chat is transferred to the appropriate group.

Info: You are now chatting with Ruby-Anne.

Ruby-Anne: Hello Eunice, how are you doing today?

Eunice: My A5 tablet keeps shutting down and restarting

Eunice: Getting wose even on 49% battery

Eunice: Still under contract

Ruby-Anne: Oh, I’m so sorry your device is not working as it should.

Eunice: Am disabled and rely on it

Ruby-Anne: I will need to connect you to the Faults team so they can resolve this for you as soon as possible.

Ruby-Anne: I know how much you need it to work properly.

Eunice: Just sort tge problem for me please

Eunice: Thank you x

Ruby-Anne: Please stay on the line okay?

Eunice: Ok

Ruby-Anne: It was so nice speaking with you on this beautiful Saturday, Eunice. You take good care of yourself okay?

Eunice: Thank you

Eunice: Anybody there?

Info: Please wait while your chat is transferred to the appropriate group.

Info: You are now chatting with Erickson.

Eunice: You are supposed to be tge best so why so long

Erickson: Welcome to Telstra, my name is Erick, how can I help you?

Eunice: Hello, my tablet keeps shutting down and restarting

Eunice: I may disappear at any time.

Erickson: oh that’s sad to know, let me check and exhaust all my tools here with me Eunice.

Eunice: It is still under contract

Eunice: Ok thx

Erickson: let me check it as well by pulling up your account Eunice

Erickson: For security purposes, may I please have your complete name along with your date of birth, phone number or account number?

Eunice: Eunice Hobson-English

Eunice: ***** *****

Eunice: *****

Eunice: That is my mobile number I am on my tablet

Erickson: Just to make sure that I have pulled up the right account, may I please have the 6-digit verification code that I just have sent to the mobile number registered on your account?

Eunice: *****

Erickson: Thank you Eunice, I am now able to pull up your account, may I know the model of your tablet?

Eunice: Also my wifi has been slow all week. Into newcdata but still slow

Eunice: Samsung A5

Eunice: Going to find model no

Erickson: Thank you Eunice. let me check it as well here in my end

Eunice: Sm t 3yy galaxy tab

Eunice: SM-T3YY

Erickson: Thank you for sharing that information with me, let me check it now for you

Eunice: It makes a sound just before it crashes. I clean it up to 100%

Erickson: the samsung galaxy A5 that you have is it a mobile or tablet?

Eunice: I have both. The tablet is crashing

Erickson: I see thank you for sharing that information let me check and exhaust all my tools here with me

Eunice: Was going to continue with it after contract finishes July. Cant buy another

Erickson: I see, that should be fine, just to clarify in regards to the issue of your tablet, it keeps on shutting down and restarting am I right?

Eunice: Yes it buzzes and crashes then restarts

Eunice: It shuts right down. Comes back on main page. Forgets where it was

Eunice: Back of case gets hot in one area. Can you replace

Erickson: I’ll be right with you.

Eunice: Battery now 29%. When trouble starts

Erickson: Hi upon investigating here the device that you have right now are have are not available anymore in the market, what I suggest to you is to pay the remaining amount of your current device and I will be looking for a better plan for you

Eunice: I am not paying for faulty equipment and JB Hifi have better plan for me in July but it was using this. Send something else to replace. I am 72 pensioner, disabled and rely on it

Eunice: I have been with Bigpond and Telstra for about 20 yrs not including 8 yrs in UK. Telstra has had thousands of dollars from me

Erickson: Thank you for waiting. I’ll be with you in just a moment.

Erickson: I truly understand you Eunice and I am really sorry for what happened what I can do for you since you are currently paying for $70 for your current device, I can give you a better deal for it with a new device to tell you honestly even if we trouble shoot it we have nothing to do for it and it will still be the same

Eunice: If Telstra cannot replace faulty equipment I will go elsewhere.

Erickson: By the way Eunice since you are a valued customer to us, I will take cover for the remaining amount of your device but we will be needing to recontract your current plan to be able for me to send you a new device. how’s that sounds to you?

Eunice: Telstra offered me a deal but way too expensive. My bills are currently way too high.

Erickson: Oh my that’s sad to know, but since you have me right now, I will find you a better and a cheaper deal for you to have low monthly bill

Eunice: We have been an hour and battery needs charging. Please email me plan suggestion to euniceenglish46@bigpond.com. Thank you

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FormerFreelance journalist. Poet, writer, artist, photographer. Retired and coping with Parkinson's Plus, macular degeneration and other boring stuff but life is still interesting, if a bit of a challenge!

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