Found a Possible Scrabble Buddy


Jacob, in the attached story loves playing board games so much that he thinks he might try taking his skills out there in the region to provide a service for homebound people.

What caught my attention is he may be able to get some games up on to a screen so visually impaired people like me can play.

This has me excited! Haven’t played Scrabble in years and it would be so good to challenge my brain or an hour or so in my own location.

Our community hall is ideal for this. Since Jacob has a mentor through the scheme, and is thinking of offering the service within the NDIS, for all ages, this offers insurance and security, I should think.

So I heve put my hand up as an expression of interest, and they are going to discuss it on tuesday.

It would be great to have an activity that came to me, instead of climbing into cars and the discomfort of travel.

I have also passed on the information to our Uniting activities and social co-ordinators iñ the hope the housebound people may be able to access someone to come an d set up good old board games that our families used to play, and provide in-home entertainment once more.

click here to read news story

Watch this space.

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