Today sucks (or it Did) May 3rd 2019

Let your light shine

There have been too many of these bad days in a row so something must be done but it just goes to show that you should never give up because just when I was about to moan about everything going wrong since I’ve got up it started getting better. I am having to wind down for the afternoon because of muscle pain and I think the meds are not being absorbed properly. My vision was bad again when I got up this morning then I checked a bill I got yesterday that was a bit of a shock so I had to email them. I couldn’t face talking on the phone because I couldn’t concentrate properly. I can’t get in touch with my physio to find out if she is coming so I assume she is not because I usually get a text so this is my third week without physio and it shows. I can’t find the key to my mailbox which I had last seen as I went to my helper’s car yesterday. My fingers are so shaky I can’t even type with a stylus today so back to dictation. There was something else this morning but I’ve forgotten already. The benefits of old age. Anyway I was able to open my mailbox with my secret piece of bendy wire and lock it again with my favourite all round household tool. Learned howfrom Jack Reacher in one of Lee Child’s books. I hope another one comes out soon.I was just about to have a good old moan to you this morning when the phone rang for me to do a survey about living here at Narla and that made me realise how lucky I am to be in this great location in the unit that is adjusted to my needs (apart from not having Robert Redford living in with me).My helper came to assist me with cleaning and I had got the washing ready to hang out. Crisis when she went to use the Dyson it was completely flat and I really wanted the carpets vacuuming well. It had been completely blocked when I went to use it the other day which means my carer had not noticed. I did get it cleared and working but today there is only a red flashing light and it doesn’t seem to be charging even yet.It is very Cloudy with the anticipated rain clouds nearly reaching here. It is Siesta time I have given up on today so back to the audiobook for the afternoon then I’ll have a go at peeling vegetables which is never good when my arm is jerky. Then I can make some nice chicken soup. Life is always better with chicken soup and barley. I had my frozen mango chicken and rice for lunch which I bought on Monday in Hamilton from the Raj Indian restaurant so you see my day is not so bad and II’ve even tried Angela’s sugar free chocolate that the other day tasted revolting but today because I am desperate is edible.I have cut back on chocolate now having put on another inch on the old tape measure and something must be done. I did remember I could try diabetic lollies today and you can’t eat too many of those because the sweetener gives you diarrhoea so that might be something to get as a treat.I have been looking up on YouTube videos for relaxation on how to cure sugar addiction. Very interesting.I missed a call while I was outside bringing in the washing. It was from one of my best friends who is in the private hospital havinng had her second knee reconstruction. I’m frustrated I can’t get over to visit her but if she is still there on Wednesday when I get my taxi to the dentist in Warners Bay I’ll visit her. She says she doesn’t want visitors at the moment.I have a lot of Transport and medical costs this week so I can’t just get a taxi over for the $60 round trip as I would like and that is $60 after using my taxi voucher. I did visit last time she was in but I have to pay for a filling in my tooth plus taxi there and back so we are looking at about $300 upfront. Time for my next tablet.*******6pm.. Well today ended well even though it’s only Tea time. (Dinner time is after 7 p.m. in my etiquette book).Got message from my new physio and she said she was coming at 4 p.m. and she brought another person who will take over after next week who seems very nice. So I have been ‘beaten up’ and all the knots kneaded as you do with pizza dough. I feel I have been through the wringer but in a good way.It is now raining gently which is very good for the plants that I didn’t get around to watering and I I l am collecting up my rainwater for the ones under the patio awning. I really need to set up a drip system on a timer since using a hand-held hose actually causes a lot of internal pain.I am lying here wondering what to have to eat that doesn’t require bread or cooking and nothing comes to mind that isn’t rice krispies/rice bubbles.At least I can move again since my physio so I might make some pancakes or pikelets as we call them. Come to think of it I will make the pikelets in the morning Fresh for Ainslie and Matt if they come over with my chandelier. More of that later.I really think I do want to have just rice bubbles since I had mango chicken and rice for lunch. I have offset the sugar cravings with a few dates and feel much better for it.Tomorrow is another day

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FormerFreelance journalist. Poet, writer, artist, photographer. Retired and coping with Parkinson's Plus, macular degeneration and other boring stuff but life is still interesting, if a bit of a challenge!

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