Im a Level Four!

Which in government terms means I have one leg practically hanging off, or am at deaths door OR – there is a general election in the next few weeks. Well they have my vote.

This means funding is now available for a few hours more support through my agency, Uniting. Take note though I have been approved at this level for nearly two years, but have been on a waiting list. Others have died waiting, no I’m not joking, it is the tragic truth. The suffering their families went through.

Now my sons know that, independent as I like to be, I can have someone safe driving me to appointments, helping round places I can only partially see, and get me to exercise or other classes. Most importantly , as it becomes harder to do my housework as I would like, as my spine continues to disintegrate and I cannot see the bits I am missing, as happens now, I am assured of having a clean environment. Currently it saves so much frustration just having someone change my bedlinen and put on the fresh quilt cover – a simple task that causes me so much internal pain, plus the frustration of being so slow in my movements and these days being hopeless at folding even towels neatly. That is a weird PD thing. No matter how many goes nothing folds neatly.

Getting dressed is another thing I took for granted. So far I have learned ways around it, and on my present meds I don’t need help, but that is now available. So is the option to use any accumulated funding for medical aids, such as the higher chair I should really be using.

Before long someone may have to come and give my my six types of tablets, since even with the Webster pack in little compartments once a tablet drops from my shaky fingers it is lost on the floor, and promptly forgotten.

Hopefully science will keep ahead of my deterioration, but with this help I can stay out of hospital and care homes that cost the government much more. Plus it is keeping many people employed, thus making government unemployment figures look better. Let’s face it, they are not good fairies nor administering angels, but my helpers are.

I am extremely blessed to have a supportive family, especially my eldest son and his family, plus long-term caring friends who are now facing their own struggles. I have a great little unit designed for the elderly in a nice garden environment.

Over the years as an Australian Citizen I have loyally paid my taxes, but more importantly, saved the government loads as a volunteer through community work. I try to help now when I can in little ways and it was really hard to give in and accept help, but now I look forward to my ‘helpers’ and do as much as I am able on the day.

It is a huge relief to know I have qualified backup.

Getting Level Four care funding is nothing like winning the lottery and it doesn’t really go far, but it certainly makes life liveable.

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