Hark The Herald


Ive got a fourth piece iñ the Newcastle Herald Topics column and am having a lot of fun with a dialogue I have running with Damon, the Editor, by email. He says to keep sendiñg him my ‘musings’, most of which are not for publication. NFP. I am finding it’s hugely liberating to be able to send my thoughts without criticism. One of my neighbours cuts out the pieces from the paper to bring to me which is really nice. I sent 2 off to Barrie in England but they’ve got lost in the mail. Hopefully the packet turn up. Anyway I can send the links to you if you want to see them. I think people have realised you know that I am not being serious in my telling. I do write as I see it and I am telling it seriously without being serious and some people find it very funny even though I’m not trying to be funny or trying to be trying. Anyway it beats a hell about worrying about my aches and pains and I’m getting up and about and exercising in between writing so it is a win-win situation. I feel like a real person again. It is taking my mind onto outside thiñgs.

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