Rollater With a Window Box!

A rollater walker with a window box. Every home should have one! Being doing laps of Bunnings (B&Q) with my helper. Good excercise. Only went in for a $10 African violet and a cup of coffee, as you do. $90 later……….

I reeeeeeely needed 2 terracotta pots. They have stopped doing my pale green plastic ones but terracotta will blend in.

My cane chairs are desperate for a good waxing – aren’t we all? So they deserve the tin of beeswax. It has kept them flexible for 25 years. Hmmm…might rub some into my knees.

Then the little daisy called out to me and jumped into my basket, closely followed by the violas. I always have violas this time of year. Those little smiley faces.

So that meant potting mix for the two terracotta pots for the two baby bargain plants.

Gardeners World said last week I have to feed everything with smelly seaweed solution. That will please the neighbours. Nearly went crosseyed trying to read the labels, but am not paying $30 for a tiny pot of seaweed. I dont even pay that for steak. There is money in muck these days. I suppose I can pick up seaweed along the lake foreshore and brew my own. Or not.

Òn the understanding that they can take it or leave it, I opted for the multipurpose booster plant food one in the nice pink bottle that has so many nutriments I might add a dash to my coffee.

Speaking of which, we headed for the cafe. Coffee and Kit Kat on special for $5. What a bargain! And guess what? They had tiny Caramello Bears! They are like a diet McDonalds caramel sundae. Oh I am so weak. And fat.

The Bunnings magazine is free though. I got two of those, one for Ros next door, whose pot garden mainly from my cuttings is really coming on. Her lavender hasnt died, unlike mine.

I couldnt buy an African Violet without African violet plant food. The packet is as big as the bloomin’ plant.

Definitely flagging by checkout time. With the reaching, bending, trolly-pushing and walking I have had a good workout. My back is still killing me as I write this.

I still have to pot the blessed things up. That will keep till romorrow, when Nicole my physiotherapist comes to undo all the damage. Sorely tempted to leave the daisy as a window box in front of the walker, but that’s being silly.

Published by Eunice C English

FormerFreelance journalist. Poet, writer, artist, photographer. Retired and coping with Parkinson's Plus, macular degeneration and other boring stuff but life is still interesting, if a bit of a challenge!

One thought on “Rollater With a Window Box!

  1. I’m so glad to find your blog, Eunice. I’m new to the PD diagnosis. Hoping to find someone who can relate. I like your blog! 🙂


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