Power of Attorney

Got the jitters really again when typing so the madopar must have bottomed out. I still have some leeway to reach the top level but it is disappointing. Typing becomes a real pain and correcting takes even longer lol. Dictating this. Off to the courthouse with my helper this morning to see about witnessing my signature on the power of attorney forms. You know the old saying ‘always be nice to your children, they are the ones who get to choose your care home !. I have told my eldest to just take me to the vet and have me put to sleep like the dogs do instead of putting me in a home! Fortunately he is very trustworthy and caring albeit reluctant to be put in charge but it could save some grief, for him and my youngest son if this is put in place now and they don’t have to argue with anybody about what is to be done with me financially or any other way. Ive been working since the weekend on a story that I have submitted to a magazine.

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