Sore and Sorry

Typing is becoming very difficult and jittery again and voice dictation is not working well either. I’m home just in time for the storm to hit and hopefully it will cool everything down since I’ve been to my Parkinson’s dance class and it was so hot even with the air conditioner on. Some of the participants can’t stand the cold of it. I don’t think I am going to continue with the class even though it is a great idea I don’t think it should be hurting as much as it is and I shouldn’t feel this sore and xown. It brings vshome to me to me how this disease is progressing especially with the use of my left arm. But went through the routines when my brain just switches off and I have to pull myself back. In the last half hour I just wanted to go to sleep but I carried on and without my Walker for support. The big consolation was we had a lovely morning tea together afterwards because we have broken up for two weeks during the school holidays. Some of the stretching exercises aggravate all the problem area in my abdomen when I have I have had lots of surgery. By the time I was out of the car to walk home I could hardly move. I have actually got up feeling good this morning and was ready to give it my all but here I am lying down 45 minutes after gstting home feeling terrible. I’m not even well enough after lying down to type. We also bypassed McDonald’s on the way home just so I get to bed. Because of my other health issues like fibromyalgia some movements are worse for my ligaments. Hate to give in but it just isn’t worth it.

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