Later that day

Home and horizontal with knee on ice pack and back plugged into TENS machine. Had finally got to sleep about 6:45am with alarm set for 9:45 and was ready and waiting – even wearing earrings when Melitta arrived to take me shopping. Didn’t feel a bit like going but that’s not the point. Wrenched my knee getting out of the car at Mount Hutton shopping centre which is now very noisy following the new additions. It used to be a very pleasant place to shop. Tore myself away from Millers’ sale clutching only a new pink top and cotton slacks for exercise class. Checked out the coffee percolator filter machine I wanted in BIG W but can’t see the buttons to operate so saved myself some wasted money. Looked at the trees in the garden section for ideas 4 Ainslie and Matt on their wedding day tree planting but nothing there though didn’t expect it to be. Found the marshmallows for the chocolate fondue but I don’t reckon they are soft and fluffy enough. Did a taste test. Also too much sugar in them. Ok yes they are going to be used with chocolate that also has sugar in. On the upside the doughnuts freshly made at Nikki’s to go with the coffee (they come free) were as good as ever so they count as lunch. If I feel really off-color tomorrow we will know why; way too much fat and sugar will I never learn. By then I was starting to flag so a quick whizz round Woolworths supermarket nearby for the makings of my weekend bacon and mushroom fettuccine with cream sauce oops more fat. I did a lap of the supermarket so all in all had a bit of a workout on the car park, concourse, around the supermarket and on way back to the car. But disaster had struck at the self serve checkouts where the machine would not recognise my English bank debit card. I came out in a hot sweat with the shock! Luckily there was an ATM nearby so Melitta put it on her card to retrieve my groceries so I was able to leave and draw the cash out at the ATM but that was so embarrassing with security looking over my shoulder. On the way home in the car I got a call that went to message bank which was my bank fraud department in UK checking to see who had tried to use my card three times in Woolworths. I rang back immediately on checking the message on the phone but when I got through it wanted my full card number so that went back in the handbag until I got home and I’m just finished going through the security check long process to prove that it really was me messing things up in the supermarket and I’m not someone who has stolen my card. Pity that didn’t happen with my other card when it really got stolen but it is nice to know they are protecting The Inheritance. By the way if you are readingp this from Nigeria there is no inheritance left and yes you can send me another one. I will send you my bank details. Was it worth going out you ask? Well not really as far as finances lol but the fridge is stocked again and I have got a readymade garden salad and cooked chook for dinner tonight so it needs no cooking and the fish cakes will keep in the the freezer. Fish cakes are something I have to really feel the need for on the day. Even if they were home made by Angela. I am trying not to go back to sleep till this evening but feel like a zombie or jetlagged. It is again hot outside which it’s was supposed to have stopped being now we are in autumn. And finally I had not plugged in the tablet properly so the battery has not charged and I can’t listen to my book this afternoon until it has charged. Maybe that’s a message to me. So really I should have stayed in bed but I have fulfilled those plans and had a bit of a workout. Did I mention I wrenched my knee getting out of the car and by the time I got home it was quite puffed up but the ice pack has done the job of taking some of the swelling down already. Later when it cools I will have another sprint up the stairs to the mailbox ok not a sprint; I will haul myself up by the handrail. Happy days.6.15pm. Can hardly move. Inflammation everywhere. Leg muscles stiff and slow to move. Sore and shaky. Pain in lower left abdomen. Still awake. Will have to give in and sleep soon.

Published by Eunice C English

FormerFreelance journalist. Poet, writer, artist, photographer. Retired and coping with Parkinson's Plus, macular degeneration and other boring stuff but life is still interesting, if a bit of a challenge!

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