Found a Fondue Set!

 Actually an old fashioned fondue pan with candle power underneath is a great thing to have during a power cut for making a cup of tea.

B but first I will get the bad stuff out of the way in case any of you Parkies want to compare notes.

I am at this stage where any exercise of any kind causes so much inflammation and pain that it’s simply isn’t worth doing. They say it is good for the brain. But if everything is inflamed and the Brain can’t get past so much ‘everything is hurting’ I can’t see that that is producing the right chemicals. Good old endorphins and dopamine.

For instance, I got up feeling fine today and took it easy, tidied up, put some washing on, showered and got ready for my 11.30 shopping day pickup and had a nice chat to Ros next door.

I took my throid tablets an hour late.Then I took my others an hour later. An hour after that I felt unwell. We went into Belmont, parked at Coles, crossed to the main street, did a lap of the Reject Shop and came out with two folding tables. We left those by the till for later and pushed on up the hill and tried the lunchtime special at the Chinese Restaurant I had wanted to try. That was a treat. Going again.

On the way back down we spotted an Op Shop, run by the Anglican Church. The charity shop volunteers were very sweet. So I came out with a broken amethyst necklace to dissassemble for Janet’s beading projects, a blue and white milk and sugar set (totally extra to my needs), a yoghurt-making kit requuring packets of special mix, a large bright floaty arty-farty top with sequins and, oh yes, the fondue set in a box.

I had stopped doing op shops because it makes me sad that I cant see things prroperly any more, and I hadnt opened the box till I got home. The total cost of my haul was $14!

As usual, by the time I got home all I needed to do was lie down, so I didnt open the box until late that evening.

I used to be quite the Fondue Queen in the 70’s and 80’s. Swiss and cheddar cheese melted into white wine with a little cornflour, heated over a candle in a stand. Everyone had a skewer with a narrow handle and dunked cubes of bread or carrot and celert sticks into the sauce mix and swirled it round before lifting it to the lips. Divine! Accompanied by lots of wine of course.

I never got into the chocolate fondues with marshmallows, which surprises me. But now is my chance. Instead of a pan, stand and candle holder I have a tiny, red metal, electric thingy with a small cup-size bowl in the centre. It looks like a little volcano, and may act like one once the chocolate melts reach temperature. It will all be sterilised before use, together with the tiny rack, the tiny forks and the chocolate moulds. Unfortunately the choc melts I had for cooking have already mysteriously melted away so I will stock up for when my cooking accomplice, Angela, pays her next visit. Plus some of those giant marshmallows. Yes, some white wine. Just a spot.

I can always make some cheese fondue on the stove until a proper candlepower fondue set comes along.

But it wont be the same.

Part of my big buy from the Op Shop!

PS Op-Shop = Opporttunity Shop, where you have the opportunity to get a great bargain, or two.