Fun Finalè to Excercise Course

It is now autumn they tell me, but our theme for the day was summer and although it is the beginning of autumn the temperature outside was around 38 degrees C. However, Marion and team still made us do our exercises before we were a allowed to have our combined buffet!

We finished with an interesting talk about our various medications and some very helpful hints for taking them.

We all agreed, carers included that it has been a very worthwhile 8 weeks. We have learnt a lot which has been very helpful and also seen an improvement in mobility, outlook and other small ways – especially  speaking for myself.

The wives and carers of the patients have all found getting together a real relief for them too.

I will miss being with everybody but not having to be there for 9 a.m. in the morning!I cannot cope with that.

My next option is a course to improve my vocal ability which is only just beginning to be influenced by Parkinson’s. Finally they have found something to quiten me down but there are ways of dealing with this.

It has been a very active week and I have done very well. Just been shopping with my helper and I’m having my usual siesta feeling very sore, tired but good.

Thanks to all our Rankin Park who made this possible. You are a great team, very caring and friendly. As Arnie says ‘Ah’ll be baaack’!