Well good morning friends! Feeling great! Didn’t take the long acting tablet till 11:30 at night ithat should have been at bedtime but anyway after messing about lying down with my tablet iPad dinghy I had something to eat and went off to sleep comfortably at about 3 a.m. as has become my habit.

Woke up from uncomfortable dreams that have been happening with deep sleep, but not really aware of what they were, to go to the toilet about every 2 hours finally waking at 10.38am in clear mind and ‘hot to trot’. Result!

It means my regular meds are nearly three hours late and I will go straight on to lunch, having eaten at 3am.

My goal for today is to make and freeze pumpkin scones for the closing party of the Parkinson’s Exercise course on Wednesday. I have put the link for the recipe on a separate post. I think pumpkin scones, which are sweet,are an Auustralian thing, yet nobody here makes sweet pumpkin pie, which I love. I was introduced to it by American Mormon missionaries. Praise The Lord! No seriously for it is manna from Heaven.

We like our pumpkin soup here, but it has only recently become acceptable as restaurant fare in UK because over there pumpkin is used as fodder for farm animals. They even turned up their noses at sliced roast pumpkin with roast meat, which is divine! Then it became trendy.

But I am waffling and have a demanding week coming up, including the next of my monthly eye injections to save the last of my sight.

Better leap into action while nothing hurts and the brain can focus. Even the weather is cooler. Only 22C.

Back to Madopar. I sometimes wake very jerky, as if electrocuted, or going into big stretches but it quickly passes.

Got as far as making this from scratch